Maggot Guy banned by Tamumus

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

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Admin’s CKEY:


Ban Type:


Ban Length:


Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):

2024-02-19 16:18:42

Round ID:


Ban Reason:

Ban evasion: Evaded his clown ban by spawning as a mime named clown, dressing as a clown, and pranking the crew.

Appeal Reason:

sorry for the formatting. This was a mime gimmick I did before being banned and I foolishly assumed I could still do it. I can see the problem here, but I wasn’t trying to bypass my ban. When I was clown banned, I was told it was because I was making sexual references that could make someone uncomfortable, and because I did it mostly as clown, I couldn’t play clown anymore. Since it wasn’t a ban for anything actually related to clown or mime, I assumed I could do my gimmick again, since mimes are basically silent clowns. And I wasn’t trying to play clown, I made sure the only thing clowny I wore was the mask and suit, I didn’t wear the shoes (except at the end to RP with xenobio), I didn’t make lots of noise, and I didn’t even carry a bike horn. I *kept* the beret, suspenders, gloves, black shoes and mime backpack (and ID) on me to make it hopefully obvious I was actually a mime wearing a disguise. I didn’t even carry a bikehorn, and I *never* talked. I used mime powers to block people, and emoted constantly, I think I tapped my forehead and gave a guy a thumbs up when he “found me out” as being mime.

Also, mimes can totally prank people, that’s literally their job

Additional Information:

  1. If I was banned from clown for doing clown things, why was I not also banned from mime?

  2. If I was ban evading by being clown, what kind of clown doesn’t talk, doesn’t wear the shoes, doesn’t carry a bikehorn, doesn’t try to make noise? A mime, because I was playing mime. Not clown.

  3. Mimes can, and do, prank people, nobody has ever gotten a job ban for overstepping and doing the clown’s job for him, because that’s never been a thing

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@Tamus here, ban appeal is up, sorry for the delay

No their job is described via SOP:

In all seriousness though, the job of the mime is to silently perform for and entertain crew - mimes that prank are almost universally seen as the bad kind of shitters and that is not their job at all regardless of what you may have seen in the past. There’s a good reason Mimo was banned, to pull an example from a time I think you’re familiar with.

Just about the only pranks mimes should be pulling are related to mimicry.

A mime or mime artist is a person who uses a theatrical medium or performance art involving the acting out of a story through body motions without use of speech called miming .


Also want to pre-empt “you can’t appeal permabans this early” peanuts, Tamus can choose to remove it since it’s his ban.

Permanent until a vouch

Issued due to continued poor behavior, extreme griefing, ban-evasion or otherwise as a direct result of player actions. Unless the ban is found to be outrageously unwarranted by staff, these bans will require a 1 year waiting period and a vouch for good behavior from another server before the ban will be lifted. Only head admins may handle appeals involving “permanent until appeal with vouch” bans, and they are not subject to individual admin discretion to be lifted early.

Taken from here

Hey man ,

You say your ban wasnt related to being a clown despite it being a permanent clown job role ban. So even if you didnt think it was related to playing clown.

Why did you go and dress up as a clown, prank people like a clown ?
Couldnt you have ahelped to ask an admin if you thought there was any grey area about you playing a clownmime, are you saying that you arent aware that it was ban evasion?


Yes, sorry to not be clear about that. It took me over a week to see how it could be considered ban evading.

You’ve made some good arguments, I’m waiting for other admins to give an opinion then either I (if the ban was misapplied) or headmins (if it’s a valid ban) will process it.

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After internal discussion, I’m sustaining the ban for the reasons given in the ban and report.
It’s up to heads

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Has this moved much? I have several gimmicks I want to try, next I get antag I’m going to go full “batman with a gun”, a vigilante who only kills criminals should drive the round pretty well and be fun for everyone involved. Next time I get ling I’m going to try for some social subterfuge, manipulate the station from the shadows, I have an idea for an old earth historian lizard curator, looking to study human society from the inside and solve lost mysteries of their culture, lots of different stuff.

I have other things I want to do, but posting them publicly would spoil them, so DM me for more of what I’m interested in running.