Lunagirl235 / Luna Nightingale player / quality control report

In-game report:

CKEY: ManiacalAnxiety

Your Discord: ManiacalAnxiety

Offender’s CKEY: Lunagirl235

Offender’s In-Game Name: Luna Nightingale

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024/2/8

Round Number: 47619

Rules Broken: 7. Be Excellent to Eachother

Incident Description: Killed me 17 minutes into the round on lowpop and entirely RR’d me, dismembering my limbs, chopping off my head, surgically removing my brain, and then shoving my body into a dorms closet. Images include the time and chat for proof. Yes, I was an antag too, we were working together to non-violently get the antique and hide it into the floorboards, when I asked icly to hand it over so I could hide it for us, they immediately begun swinging.


Additional Information: When making a captain announcement, copied their traitor backstory word for word. Refer to the images linked. Killing me WAS their objective, but carrying it out so soon and round removing me is still AWFUL behavior.


You got killed because it was the guy’s antag objective. The player then proceeded to try and hook 3 other people into a fun and unique roleplay adventure. The other 2 people immediately suicided or cryoed upon conversion (will report this in a sec) but me, the admin playing as the cargo pet, and this guy had a great time running around and getting cool space loot and sharing game knowledge. out of 7 people in round, 4 other people were involved besides you. He did good.


I’m fine with being killed for objectives, the issue is how soon it was into the round, as well as the entire round removal.

Also, regarding your “suicided” part, we spoke about this in our dms. They were shot into crit with lethals by Luna, and then were oblivious to the fact that whispering kills you in crit.


Jackie here, I was Paperwork! I’m not actually an admin for the record… and even I found the early low pop rr kinda fucked. But I do want to know what you mean with the suicide comment


Also personal opinion, round felt like it was held hostage because two people always voted to stay and there wasn’t enough people alive to make the shuttle get called, felt excruciatingly painful to watch, like getting teeth pulled

I don’t get what is wrong with someone going for their objective when they see the chance to do so. What is the Traitor meant to do? Sabotage themselves by passing up on a chance to get their objective not knowing if they’ll get a shot at it again? Imo if you’re an Antags target then sure it sucks if you die but that’s the whole point of it, Saying it is too early in the round is just arbitrary.


“While antagonists are supposed to be the enemies of the station, above all you should seek to make the round more engaging and fun as the star of the show. Succeeding as an antagonist is not the “goal” of SS13, the goal is for all players to have fun.” - A quote taken directly from the rules.

Greentexting is not the primary goal of an antagonist. It is to make the round more engaging.
The 7th rule also comments on this!

Other players are not just NPC’s that you should rush to kill at the quickest notice, they are people who are playing for the same fun as you. As stated before, I’m not complaining about the death itself. I’m complaining about how poorly it was handled, with minimum roleplay or care taken for the other person playing.

Had they killed me and then left my body there without tampering, sure! That’s fine behavior. But, sawing my limbs off and then decapitating me to hide my brain is not fine behavbior, 17 minutes into the round.