Lukas Collins/AeORockin36 Player Feedback

Just got back into playing on Bee after a long time away (not that anyone knew of me at all then and even now I guess LOL). Just looking for feedback on my character and how I play him, thanks! :frog:

Screenshot 2024-02-03 232755

(Missing some items but whatever)


Cool person! Fun to roleplay with, knows a lot of roles, overall I approve

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Lukas Collins is a nice and sound addition to any role.

Ready to be lighthearted when a situation is LRP and far more engaged when it isn’t.

He is the buddy you would love to have at your side in life, or the kind of person you would like to find behind a desk when you need someone in an office.

His reapparance has enriched all our rounds and I, for one, hope to see more of him in the near future and beyond!


I like Lukas IC and OOC.

Great RPer.

Goes along with gimmicks <3

I’d give him a solid 8 but since he plays Roblox he’s getting a minus 1.

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You play too, you’re literally addicted! :frog:


this is so false it hurts my colon


Vibe check: passed.


You must accept who you really are deep down inside… a roblox player


I will always enable you to the best of my abilities, I just like to see what bro is cooking up everytime LOL

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