Lubricant Bob player feedback

I am chad and I main assistant, godspeed and sex

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One time you were a zombie and I was a PAI and you attempted to shuttle gib me with the escape shuttle but I just went holoform and left you stranded in the direct path of it
But to be honest you’re a funny person to see around the station sometimes

based gamer man

20 character limit

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I like how to say sex all the time.

based gamer man x2

20 character limit

Can be fairly abrasive at times, however if there’s atleast one thing that’s certain about em, then it’s that they’re knowledgeable & robust in game. you’ll always want this lad on your side should cultists, revolutionairies & such happen. You can always trust that he’ll put up a good fight against whatever threat’s popping up whilst assblasting em over comms.

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Very robust botnis, before sep chems was appropriately nerfed and I went on murderboners the only thing I’d die to is a bag of his explosive wheat. Now he’s been nerfed to sane levels still good at robusting the whole station with angry tomatoes.

Also robust as greytideman, definitely worth converting if it’s the appropriate gamemode or neutralising if he’s validhunting and you’re badman that round.

Sex makes up 50% of his vocabulary but that’s the price we must pay for the levels of robust. Would be good to see you expand to other jobs or MRP if only because maining greytide is a tad one-dimensional.

I got perma’d from MRP for turning 3 people into gorrilas

Based gamer man x3
Very ebic, very based, very robust 10/10

extremely based
pretty robust
overall the council rates it 10/10