Lrp should be dynamic 24/7

I am of the view that having dynamic 24/7 on lrp would be beneficial due to several reasons i will list here:

  1. On lowpop all antags die roundstart so the shift is essentially a greenshift

  2. Variety of antags is just better and i believe makes for better roleplay situations, once a ling was forced to work with the crew to help fight against cult(/tg/ terry).

  3. Players have to adapt against different threats and can’t just use one method such as checking for bb implants


Tbh i mostly want it for pop restrictions bypass, but all the points you list i agree with.

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yes this is good idea

Dynamic is great. Greenshifts are nice when OCCASIONAL. The greenshifts are every other round why must this happen? Besides if you want to RP go on MRP, not saying LRP is not for RP but it’s much calmer on MRP or atleast should be. Now occasional traitor + ling or Heresy would not be bad since I am a fan of Action mixed with RP.

I agree with you, although I would make it every 4th or 3rd round regular gamemodes to either cool down but still be a bit action packed.

Even when the other heretics died 1 slippery bitch (me) killed 5 people and wounded a few more. Now yes, yes, robust players or just good antags are no guarantee but there is always a chance it’s either greenshift or the hijack traitor rolled scientist. You never know, but majority rounds dynamic would be the best choice for lrp.

Tl;dr: Dynamic > regular modes on lrp but leave them in as a rarer occurence. Thanks for coming for my TED talk.

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Dynamic is awful. Please no.

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Tell us why if you want to make a point. I think dynamic is quite good, especially when it comes to lrp.

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Because it removes the reward feeling for doing a good job completely and any long term goals for the crew. There is no “okay, we dealt with the traitors, only midis to fear now, time for the cool projects”. Instead it almost always forces shuttle calls. On average, it reduces round time.

When /TG/ implemented it the average round time went down to around 45 minutes because it was basically an endless flood of antags, engineering and medbay can not keep up with the structural and personal damage.

Unpopular opinion: people only want dynamic for le epic antag chance.


Dynamic comes with a variable threat level and once all of the threat is expended no new antagonists spawn. When the round starts, a threat number is randomly generated between 1 and 100, and afterwards that level is divided into roundstart and midround “budgets”. All antagonists cost a certain amount of these budgets - roundstart will spend its entire budget when the round begins, and midround will proc every so often until it runs out of budget. Costs and such also scale with population


Dynamic easily results in rounds with only a single or even zero antags on occasion, and other times it results in very few antagonists. Sometimes it yields many antagonists, but most often it just feels like a normal round.

Also worth note: Non-dynamic rounds can result in antagonists being spawned on the arrival shuttle. This notably occurs when all of a round’s antagonists are killed early on.


Remember those 20 mins rounds on terry? When dynamic wasn’t properly implemented so you would have nukies, cult and wizard?

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You give me PTSD. Yes, I do. And I dread them.

I have to admit, that’s a better system than that of Terry 2 years ago where you often had 3-4 traitors, war ops and sometimes a wizard on top at the same time. Ughhhhhhh

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Dont forget a scientist maxcapping the station on top of that, and that one guy who used to murderbone every round.

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Or getting killed by some greytider for your sunglasses. Ah yes. Or because you had insuls.

dynamic and greenshift are the same thing
they are fun once in a while and get old quickly

I’d just like to see more security mains on Golden.

Afaik dynamic has the highest chance of occuring out of the other rounds and is the most often event, I think cutting out the rest entirely kind of sucks.

There are people who appreciate greenshits and use them to show off their fun projects or do big things with others. Heads should also be able to tell when tempo is low and it’s just not enjoyable for people.

I think people would prefer to play lrp greenshits over MRP because they’re not obligated to do their job and follow sops.

Be the change you want to see

Not only do I main IPC, but I play as pacifist as possible. I already do what I can as a captain main but I’m fragile. :pensive:

I have before stared someone dead in the face as they committed crime, knowing they had a welder and the ability to sizzle my bacon if I tried to disable them.

I love playing sec on golden. It only sucks when you get lynched by the crew for arresting someone breaking into engineering because its ‘lrp bro’

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That happens a lot, especially when it comes to famous individuals.

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