LRP, Low Pop, lasts ages, get bored, get banned

Ok so far we got
The other guy
A admin report against kasual
And many other
And it all stems from, got bored innit

We got a problem with LRP that needs to be solved
I dunno how, maybe a time limit, or round end vote

But it’s something we need to talk about

u rn :flushed:

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this sounds like classic sage honestly, maybe just switch the names and roleplay types around and it’d be back to normal


Have you not seen my discord roles
One of them has retard in it

I’m pretty sure it was Kasual earlier tonight ensuring rounds were fun and almost always something was happening. I think that is something we should see more in LRP. It keeps the server fun even when a lower population and I suspect will draw more players in because it’s constant entertainment. The round lasted two hours but it was fun throughout.

I agree actually, mini custom admin spawned midround events would be great on LRP

And it all stems from, got bored innit
We got a problem with LRP that needs to be solved

This is actually the root cause of a good chunk of the MRP rulebreaks too, or at least the ones admitting fault say so. Someone got bored because there was no active antag to toolbox. Greenshifts people joke in OOC about taking one for the team just to cause some damage to the station.

LRP for event server sounds great, but every event needs senior admin approval right now. Maybe if we could get this temporarily changed to just requiring a more than majority player vote (66%, 75%?). Or even permanently changed for LRP since chaos reigns that server anyway.

Prehaps something like say under 30 players is free to admin event or some shit

We just got to many fallen soldiers to let this boredom issue carry on

I call for every bored player currently banned (myself included I didn’t do nuttin) to be unbanned

30 is too much, under 15 or 10 pop would be better

It’s not like Senior Admins shoot them down. It’s just that nobody proposes to make any events.

I make a event, kill the Jews

Not gonna lie, the people on LRP are, in my opinion, beter than MRP’rs, the cargo peeps accept all your requests and give you free e-magged stuff, antags are more likely to be pacifists with gimmicks, and people are less likely to grapple you and toss you out of places. Low-pop is kool too, and Is a good amount to have a functioning amount of doctors and engineers, a captain / HoS and RP roles like chaplain and CHEF (Chef is RP, dont argue or you gay)
Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

Also, Let’s see how long before an admin (Likely ruko) removes this post above me

If it’s not in the reports or applications board, or just completely over the line I typically don’t touch them.

Agreed, the admin rule allowing ERT when someones murderboning below 30 pop was good.

Maybe something like, if round is past an hour and less than X antags, midround antag can be spawned.

The 2-3 hour rounds LRP has been having during off hours have been pretty boring.

All I’m saying is low pop is boring on LRP that’s a fact
People get bored and self antag
Admins are too strict on this fact

We need some events or no rules till players are above something, or not round restart cause that would be unfair but maybe shuttle called vote or something

Part of me agrees with you. But another part knows what will happen if there are no rules on no admin low pop. There will be one or two R O B U S T fools running around owning the station, preventing shuttle. I’ve seen it a few time when joining single digits pop bee. People join, get eradicated buy a demi-god miner then DC further widening the server population differential.

Honestly you are on on to something with unique events if the server pop is low. That is an idea we could develop and improve things a lot, even when no admins are on. Wed need big coding dick to swing around on it though.

Time to unban all of us then

That’d be due to pretty much all the shitters moving to the MRP server. Most likely those people are MRP players who are sick of said shitters’ shit.

hmm its big brain time here we go. LRP either just even shittier extended simulator or 1/2 antags / miners or whatever commit ultimate powergaym since its LRP and accumulate 95% of the gear on the entire station and just dab on everyone. and its a shocker that people just tide and do dumb shit when there’s nothing else to do on LRP?