Lourendril banned by rukofamicom


**Admin’s CKEY:**rukofamicom

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Ban Type:**Sever

Ban Length: 1 day

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-02-18 04:26

**Round ID:**12636

**Ban Reason:**ERP in-round + inciting murderbone during revs round.

**Appeal Reason:**The Ban have been unjustified.

Additional Information: I literally made one ‘cum’ joke and said ‘I’m cumming’ as last whisper. A lot of erp, certainly.

Also after everyone in the medbay/engineering/sci/botany/service/cargo was converted I said to kill everyone who wasn’t us. Why? Because everyone was converted at that point and I myself was around arrivals. Sec didn’t have mindshield so only non rev people at that time were Sec/Lawyer and Heads. Yes, certainly inciting murderbone few minutes before the end of the round.

What’s more, when asked the banning admin for providing any evidence of my ‘inciting murderbone’ and it consequences he didn’t bothered even to answer me.

If your being truthfullq, then I’d say your right. But ruko is a decent admin, and only the logs can show your actual HERESY OF THE HOLY RULES OF BEES.

Repent, and let the logs prove you of your innocence

This is not what you asked for evidence of. You asked for evidence that there was anyone unconverted left and like hell am I giving a list of the living, unconverted people to a rev that I’m already having problems with.

Logs coming in a moment

[2020-02-18 03:27:50.445] GAME: Lourendril/(Isaac Zuckermann) has been selected as a head rev
[2020-02-18 04:04:16.853] SAY: Lourendril/(Isaac Zuckermann) “kill everyone who isn't on our side” (Fore Primary Hallway (151, 159, 2))

^Proof you are head rev + your inciting later into the round. You did get people killed by this too, I was answering tickets for people that had been killed for no reason and was eventually led to you after noting some other folks for it

[2020-02-18 04:05:57.205] SAY: Lourendril/(Isaac Zuckermann) “he is asleep” (Central Primary Hallway (150, 148, 2))
[2020-02-18 04:06:12.216] SAY: Lourendril/(Isaac Zuckermann) “I cum so hard they fal asleep after.” (Bridge (138, 139, 2))

[2020-02-18 04:09:07.310] WHISPER: Lourendril/(Isaac Zuckermann) “UH I"M CUMING!” (Captain’s Office (161, 131, 2))

^As far as ERP goes, this is really mild for sure - that’s why the ban is only a day with both offenses combined. Don’t do this again regardless though, we don’t want it happening.

Yeah, find excuse of not giving any evidence because I was rev. Guess what? Round have ended over 10 Min after I asked for any evidence.
As said, at that point almost everyone was converted. Give me a real evidence of someone innocent killed over it After I said that.
Jokes aside, if you call that ERP and reason to ban you might as well mark me as a Sex Offender.

Having a note that says “ERP” is pretty extreme for what was actually said. People say stuff like “I’m CUMING!” all the time on general comms and OOC even. Future admins will all look at that note about ERP and assume the worst. This should be removed or everyone that has ever said something along those lines needs a ban for ERP (which is like, at least a third of the server).

There’s also no rule against “inciting murderbone”, it’s always down to the player who actually did the murderboning.

Ban has been removed after discussing Victor’s reasoning with them more on discord, ban text has been editted to reflect this as well - I only had one other admin on at the time to discuss it with and I do think I jumped the gun a bit on it in retrospect, sorry about that.

I’m going to push for a precedent against inciting rule-breaking, especially by players in charge of other players IC because it creates a difficult to navigate environment when a head rev tells one of his regular revs to break the server rules.

Also decided against further rulings on the cum jokes as ERP. They’re too mild (by my own earlier admission) and it will definitely reflect much more poorly on you for future infractions than it should. I still want to warn you against making these jokes IC. It’s not suitable for MRP as an infraction against role-playing.

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