Lord Chimpus Mentor Application

Your CKEY: LordChimpus

Your Discord: lordchimpus

How long have you been playing ss13?: Just over a year now

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I’m not particularly sure if there is anyone, if anyone is able to vouch for me from any experience with hanging out with me feel free to comment :3

**Game Experience (More Detailed):

I’ve been playing pretty much exclusively on bee since I started and I’d like to give back. If I don’t succeed in the application it doesn’t particularly matter because I’m sure you’ll give me tips for the future :slight_smile:


mornin welshie. Mhelps for ya

  1. “Do medibots not heal Felinids or something? I’m right next to one but it isn’t healing me at all”
  2. “Can I pickpocket someone’s ID as a traitor if they’re SSD?”
  3. “I’ve put a battery in a Bluespace Anchor and placed it down but it isn’t preventing any teleports. Help!”
  4. “Honk”
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mornin’ other welshie. manswers for ya

  1. Has medbay filled the medibot with any healing chems? with the latest medibot change the bots need chems to function properly. secondly, is the medibot turned on?

  2. If you have passed the person multiple times and for the duration of the round they have been SSD I’d say it’s totally fine.

  3. was the battery you placed into the anchor charged VIA a cell charging port or did you freshly print it out of the lathe? remember, the bluespace anchor doesn’t affect wormholes or the free channel!

  4. Honk!

Yep, was what I was looking for. Some people don’t stalk to the changelogs page so it’s up to us to do that for em

It’s never really okay to pickpocket an SDD person regardless, but the point of the question here was for you to identify that it was a rules ask and send them to the admins. Mentors shouldn’t be answering rules related m helps for situations like this where they get the rules wrong and cause a whole fuss for everyone involved. You know now, but just have a run through the mentor guidelines in the rules page on the wiki if you haven’t already.

Solid enough answer but I was after a confirmation that they printed a high enough tier of battery. The majority of lower tier power cells just don’t have enough max power to work even once so it just does nothing.

Some decent answers with some areas of improvement, but Id wanna see some other peoples questions answered before I cast my vote.

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Some fun fun questions for you

  1. Why are my nanites so slow at replicating and why are they always so low? I coded every program to avoid wastes, and I have factory procotols from a hour ago, but scans don’t show anything when i try to see the programs on people.

  2. the stun baton is so weak, is this a bug?

  3. How do i ascend as heretic and what does void do?

  4. How do I convert someone to the cult? All the others died so im alone

1: Have you paid attention to the chat window, you need to eat to keep your nanites up!

2: have you pressed Z / clicked on your stun baton in your hand? you need to turn it on to use it. make sure it’s charged before using it too.

3:To ascend as a heretic you need to use your living heart skill (should be at the top of your HUD) to identify your targets, before you do anything regarding sacrifice though I would recommend finding a room with low/no foot traffic and drawing a rune in there with your mansus grasp in one hand and a pen in the other hand. next you’ll want to find your target, use your living heart and it will give you a general direction in which to go, for example ‘your target is south, far’. once you’ve found your target, try to lead them toward your sacrifice chamber with a false story or just beat them into crit and drag them there hoping sec won’t catch you. next, put the target on top of the rune you drew and click on your rune with an empty hand, use ‘heartbeat of the mansus’ and your target will be teleported to the shadow realm. this will give you two knowledge points (or three if they are a head of staff). for the second question, the Path of Void focuses on stealth, silence and the freezing cold. While the path offers very little utility early on, they quickly gain the ability to silence and freeze their victims, opening the window to silently ambush targets with no other items or chemicals required. It also offers full immunity to freezing temperatures, an invisible armoured cloak (with pockets!), and later a targeted blink that damages anything nearby. The path has access to many strong transmuted items, but requires smart use to realize their full potential, making it moderately difficult but a good beginner choice. Ascending silences those around you and makes you the eye of a deadly blizzard.

4: to convert someone into your cult I would recommend carving an empowering rune so that you may up the amount of spells you’re able to use and an offering rune. follow this by carving the Stun spell into yourself with your knife and then follow that with the shadow shackles spell and it’s up to you but I would also recommend using the conceal presence spell too just in case when you’re out looking for a potential recruit, if somebody discovers your room all of your runes are hidden. once you capture somebody and drag them back to your conversion area, simply place them on top of the white offering rune and click on the rune, you will chant a spell and the person will become a cultist and their knife will spawn on the rune!

(really hope I did well here)

  1. Not really. Metabolic synthesis isn’t necessary for replication, nanites do it automatically, and they said the nanites are sustaing their programs. But the fact they can’t see what shows up in scans to see if programs aren’t working is what you should look into.
    Try to see what’s wrong from here by asking questions.

  2. “Its on but it pushes people away, it doesnt let me stun, why?”

  3. Right answer, but to ascend you need to do your objectives. The sacrifice X people, research X knowledge kind. This is the issue a lot of people encounter with playing heretic.

  4. “I know all of that but i cant convert people alone, all of the cult died and im alone, so what do I do?” (Conversion by cult has to he done by two cultists/constructs/shades next to it).

1: I would pass this over to another mentor because my knowledge of nanites is extremely limited

2: it’s likely that you have disarm activated as your action, simply press 1 on your keyboard or click the first icon in the bottom right corner

4: if you kill somebody you can sacrifice them on the offering rune :slight_smile:

  1. It’s actually of the baton changes from a few days ago, intents aren’t an issue. Batons act like disarms and deal 40 stamina.

  2. You can use a spirit realm rune to summom a shade from the ghost pool as long as you stand on it. Deals brute over time but counts for conversions.

Overall I don’t think you’re very knowledgeable about finer details, and you tend to make answers (es, 3), a bit too long and convoluted.
I’d reccomend you learn engineering, atmos and nanites as you said you aren’t familiar with them, and maybe test antagonists in a private session if you have doubts about them. I won’t vote over this and I’d rather leave it to other mentors to see how it goes.

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I’d like to point out that you can also use a Nar’sie plushie as a conversation buddy. Meaning you can convert people alone. Easiest place to get it would be hacking the Chaplain vendor. I’d only advice doing this when you actually are all alone though.

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how do I choose a heretic path?

where’s the public bounty console on this map?

is this server like tg?

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  1. At the top of your screen you should see an icon that looks like a book, click that to open your choices of heretic paths.

  2. we don’t have public bounty consoles on Beestation, feel free to help out cargo by requesting a bounty sheet and they’ll be more inclined to let you order something since you helped them out.

  3. plays like TG and we have a lot of TG elements but we actually do good RP here

good answers


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To be honest, not a big fan of the answers so far, but let me ask my questions before I give out a score.
For these questions, imagine you’re already a mentor, you’re the only mentor online and you get these two mhelps:

  1. “What’s the hyperrfactal gigashuttle???”
  2. “How do I deconvert an IPC?”
  3. “Is there a way to get monotiles?”
  4. “Help i’m stuck”

Not a big fan of this!

I don’t think you’re a particularly awful fit, not enough for a -1, but I think you could do with coming at some of these questions from a different angle or reading up on some stuff a bit more, so it’ll be a 0 from me.

apologies for the lateness of my response

1: the Hyperfractal Gigashuttle is a shuttle that is only accessible via an emagged communications console. it’s a shuttle powered by a supermatter so it’s a bit cramped. comes with radiation suits though.

  1. inject the IPC with a syringe filled with holy water.

3.I don’t believe we have the durasteel to make monotiles on beestation

  1. I would ask if they are able to contact the AI and turn their suit sensors on so that they can be found and if they’re completely stuck i would forward this over to an ahelp
  1. Good!
  2. Good!
  3. We indeed don’t have durasteel, but funnily enough we do have the monotiles, they just happen to be admin only spawned :b
  4. This last one is an important lesson in follow up questions. Someone who just mhelps “mhelp I’m stuck” can be in a variety of situations, from having been sacrificed by a heretic, to being buckled on the arrival’s shuttle, or even 50 blocks into the bedrock in echo. Contacting the AI (if there is one) and turning on suit sensors is a good idea, but sometimes they just need to unbuckle, or they really should be ahelping instead, you should ask follow up questions!

Your answers to my questions were pretty good, but as I said in my other post, I was disapointed with other answers. As of right now I’ll only give a 0, I won’t object but I won’t recommend. However, if you get accepted I’d love to see you become a great mentor, and if you don’t, I’d love to see a second app later down the line x)

T: +1

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Here are my questions:

1-) What do i put into radiation collectors? How do i use these weird things?
2-) Hey I am blood brother. How do i get my loot?
3-) I am a borg, how do i flap my wings?
4-) How do i administer medicine to plasmamen?

1: load them with plasma tanks filled with plasma gas and they will start to generate energy when near an active SM

2: blood brothers don’t have access to the uplink menu, sorry

3: you are a borg, you don’t have wings

4: place them under the shower that should be in medbay and remove their suit, this will prevent them bursting into flames immediately (turn the shower on first though). then proceed with treatment.