LocalKraken Mentor Application Redux

Your CKEY: LocalKraken

Your Discord: agentcitrus

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2019; Since September 11, 2020 specifically for BeeStation

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Haliris, Howluinb31153, PinkSuzuki, Varo10, Soo-Min, Cotton plant, Liidero

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I was demoted previously sometime in the early May of 2022 due to unacceptable behavior in the Discord, but I believe I’ve gone long enough without incident to be reconsidered.

I have played every job at least once.

I also held the record for most mhelps answered in one year about a year ago by a margin of a few hundred I think.


Additional Information:



Mention one mentor mf. Goddamn. :cry:

Your experience speaks for itself. Welcome back.



Lizard Axel



Yeah sufficient hours and vouches to give you a +1 no questions asked.


assistant hours are low, but as you said you were an ex mentor, and I still see you semi-often

you only got demoted due to being muted and you haven’t been muted in a while so enjoy a



soem questions :slight_smile:

  1. why cant i research alien tools?
  2. how do i disassemble a window?
  3. where do i find the spare ID? and how do i open the safe?
  1. You must use the destructive analyzer in R&D to analyze any abductor tools you find, which should unlock the alien techweb nodes.

  2. Depends on whether it’s reinforced or not. Reinforced windows will need you to have a screwdriver, crowbar, and wrench (and possibly wirecutters to cut the grille underneath; insulated gloves may be required to avoid getting shocked); regular windows require just a screwdriver and wrench (and possibly wirecutters + insuls). Examine the window to see what you need to use next. You could also just use an RCD to deconstruct fulltile windows automatically.

  3. The captain’s spare ID is located within the golden safe on the bridge. You can dump 100 units of fluorosulfuric acid or 200 units of sulfuric acid on it, use a bomb, or just use the safe code that the head of staff chosen as the acting captain may get (though the acting captain likely has it on themselves).

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  1. How do I make a paper id?
  2. Can I be arrested for having a voice changer mask?

Wanted to do a chemistry related question because a reagent’s required temperature was wrong, but someone fixed the wiki since so can’t force you to search code for that. Only two questions then

  1. Use 5 paper and wirecutters to make a paper slip in the misc section of the crafting menu, then write on it with a pen.
  2. Voice changing equipment is classified as contraband, which carries a 10 minute sentence for possession.

+1 have it.

maybe welcoem back to the mentos team axel

While that is true, contraband is a moderated page on the wiki, which I personally wouldnt answer other than replying with linking the page then elevating to an ahelp. Kinda grey area and I hate my own question

T: +5

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I’m no longer an active mentor so my vote doesn’t count.

T: +4

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I’ll be going over this in the next day or two. Working on the halloween event sapped a lot of my SS13 allocated time.


Well, alright
Mhelp. "hey, im stuck in on a desertted station. how can i escape or get help from the station-
Mhelp “Hm, im highjacking this shutte. Can i plasma flood it to make sure nobody follows?”
Write a 300word essay on each rule on how they make you feel
then hold a vc persentation to all admins, We will grade you afterwards
Yes you must sing the bee station national hym afterwards and do the beestation ritual dance
Mhelp:“How do i hack a shuttle?”

  1. Try to find some kind of radio to use and contact the station. If the station you’re on has the capability, you could try to build a shuttle for yourself.

  2. This is a rules question so you should ahelp for clarification. But if you have a “Die a glorious death” or shuttle hijack objective, you are generally permitted to kill with disregard for collateral damage. Again, ahelp it anyway.

  3. Ok


First essay written, only 15 more to go.

  1. If you mean causing it to launch early, you must use an emag on the shuttle console. If you mean completing a hijack objective, then alt-click the shuttle console and sit still to wait for the action to be completed. You need to do this several times until you can’t anymore. Be warned, when you do it, it will create an announcement showing everyone that it is being hijacked.
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Considering how much time has passed and your more recent conduct, I agree. However, I do still need to remind you that Mentors are considered to be a part of staff - and as such you should be mindful of how you conduct yourself here; this applies to all of our platforms, discord included.

With that out of the way I’m accepting this at +4.
Welcome back, and I apologize for the previous delay on processing this.