LocalKraken banned by Inithis

Title: localkraken banned by inithis

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
2 weeks
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2021-05-22 05:55
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Bwoinked for a name violation, spewed memes for the beginning of the ahelp in much the same manner they had most of the round. Lenient because they admitted wrongdoing.
Appeal Reason:
As far as rule violations go I’m pretty sure a name violation is relatively minor and does not justify a 2 week MRP ban. Yes, I was memeing in ahelp (OH MY GOD JC A BWOINK, etc.). Yes, this was clearly LRP behavior. However, I was compliant, and I don’t think it all adds up to the given ban length of 2 weeks.
Additional Information:

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Any RP violation that is noticed is worth taking some form of action over - and this isnt the first time you’ve been in violation of them.

Giving the admin unnecessary trouble in a ticket is worth a ban in itself depending on how bad it was, but especially if it’s downright disrespectful or mocking. We don’t put time into maintaining the server for ungrateful assholes that repeatedly show they aren’t willing to follow RP rules to shit on us.

I’d like to see the ahelp before I vote to sustain the ban, because I don’t know how bad it was.

If I remember correctly when I was initially bwoinked I said the line but that was about it. Should still probably check the ahelp though.

Got some clarification actually - the ban wasn’t for meming in the ahelp specificallh, it was for more for meming up the round.

Oh, well in that case yeah I did meme up the round with the usual lines about sunglasses during night operations. I should’ve kept it to Golden but I still don’t think that warrants a full 14 days to the underworld.

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How much of a punishment it’s worth depends on how many times the player has previously caused issues.

Even minor RP breaks are worth a permanent ban if the player in question is not stopping after being warned

It’s currently left largely up to the individual admins’ discretion since every situation is unique so this is not a hardline rule, but this is the general chart I use and discuss when someone asks how long a ban should be for an RP offense.

By the fifth time you are breaking RP it is pretty apparent you either disagree with or aren’t going to follow our standards, especially with as much slips between the cracks right now.

The only violation of this sort from before was a few months ago when I played as Gordon Freeman for a round or two.

Right - allow me to explain my reasoning. Firstly, the name violation - it was not your first, so I had a precedent that you knew we had a naming policy, and it was for a very similar thing of naming yourself after a video game character. Therefore, I was certain that you knew better.

Secondly, and the full meat of it, you had spent pretty much the entire round quoting the character you’d named yourself after. It’s just egregious on Sage, and would make any passerby who is actually trying to RP roll their eyes at best. You have plenty of hours on Bee, I’m assuming a good number on Sage, and you should already know the standards.

And thirdly, the ahelp itself. It wasn’t just one line, I think it was three lines before I actually got a non-meme response out of you. At that point, I was far from inclined to think you were acting in good faith, and in much the same way I’d ban a seeming griefer who just screams incoherently in the ahelp, I sent you away from Sage.

Well, yes, I’ve recognized that what I did wasn’t fit for Sage. As for the ahelp itself, as far as I recall I memed once or twice at the beginning of the exchange, but I did stop when told to stop. Nonetheless I’ll try to confine behavior like this to LRP in the future.

Ban expired, closing as stale.