Local Shitsec Gone Wild : Part One Electric Egun

In-game report:

Your Discord:
Offender’s CKEY:
How can I even know that?
LRP or MRP server:
Offender’s In-Game Name:
Carter Blaine
Date (MM-DD-YYYY):
Round Number:
Rules Broken:
R3 First line. Lowkey R9, Half of R2
Incident Description:
Anyway. Previous round there was a guy Carter Blaine. Clearly knows nothing about being sec. The metagame essence of shitsec. I was in space, when meteors broke walls, including armory. I told that HOS using PDA. Then Carter Blaine sees me in window. He goes apeshit with drop your weapons ( I had just a backpack in my hands) and other things. I PM them on PDA about me not stealing anything, actually helping, and even told them that i can come int (in the breach) and let them search me. They had none of it. They even saw Warden being ok with me being around and helping. Beepsky stunned me for picking up a shotgun and throwing it into armory as it was floating in space. I got arrested for being near armory in space. Further, they search my bag and Carter Blaine screams HE IS A TRAITOR!.
-Why? , do I ask.
-You have a syndicate toolbox. You are a traitor.
Toolbox being the round start assistant one.
So they stole my whole bag.
I came to sec part on the escape shuttle and started cuffing them with fake cuffs from a clown. They STARTED LETHALING ME. Like, I was surrounded by security, EVERYONE was cool with it as everyone understood that cuffing a sec officer in closed sec part is goofing.
and rest is history.
This person is NOWHERE qualified to be security.
Do I even need to mention he was waving a gun around on blue all the time?
That they did not follow any SOP? That I was just laying on the ground being beaten by beeps with them just watching?

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Looking into the report.

Confirmed enough of the report.

Given the length of time it has taken to process this report, the punishment isn’t harsh. I will add a few comments.

  • Being in space allows your character to be lethally detained or potentially killed by security given reason.

  • Picking up a weapon from the armoury or being inside it is reason to be lethally detained or potentially killed.

  • Handcuffing security is technically a stun weapon, and can be reacted to lethally if the definition is stretched broadly, considering back then it was only three seconds to instantly make a player unable to defend themselves.