Liljackrabbit25 banned by mat05usv (second try)

CKEY: Liljackrabbit25

Admin’s CKEY: mat05usv

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-05-22

Round ID: 29909
Ban Reason:
Ban evasion.

Appeal Reason: I want to come back to the server. I joined on another accoutn (I wasn’t banned on either of my accounts) and then after playing a few rounds not realizing i was on my main accoutn yet, I got banned.
Main CKEY: Liljackrabbit25
ALT CKEY (not used anymore): Lemur120

Additional Information: Last appeal I didn’t get any notifications for and I forgot about it assuming that I had been denied. It got stale and closed.

I would like to send a screenshot of the ban reason, but the forums wont let it.
[Ivniinvi] asked for it. So instead here is the ban reason that comes up beestation13. com/bans?page=1&q=lemur120
(I had to put a space between the dot and com because forum wont let me use link.
My main CKEY is Liljackrabbit25 The one I tried to play with was Lemur120 as [sergeikoralev] asked last time.

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So you joined on your main and had a alt, and you got banned for that?

Yes, i joined on my alt and played a few roudns, then i was banned.
Yet my main accoutn does not show the ban, i still can not join.
I you may have to unban lemur120. I wont use it anymore as now I dont need it and I do not want to get banned again.

Either one of the acount has to be banned, we can swap the ban to the other account and ubnan your main if needed

I dont use the other account so you could do that.

alt still banned, fixed the issuer regarding it

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