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Sadie was born to [REDACTED] and Cooper Wright, head of the Nanotrasen’s newest Mnemonic Unit Project. She had gray green eyes, freckles, and auburn red-brown hair she liked to keep short. She grew up surrounded by science and developed a love for literature, the arts, and cooking. She grew up reading spy novels and would often be found in the library on her home station. Her father commented often saying how “She’s too smart to be wasting her time on such small, pointless projects like art.” He pushed her to get into Nanotrasen’s science programs but she always declined. She ended up becoming a Curator, writing newspaper articles about various artists, making fun word puzzles and drawing comics. Eventually, Sadie married a Mining stationer named Sully Mossin. She stopped contacting her father shortly before the wedding and he was not invited. Together, Sadie and Sully had twin boys, River ‘Riv’ and Elijah ‘Eli’ Mossin. She would always comment how Eli had the cutest freckles and Riv had such thoughtful gray eyes. Truly a stellar mother.

Today marks the 35th Anniversary of Sadie Mossin’s sudden disappearance. She’s left behind a heartbroken set of twins and a loving husband. If you have any information please contact your local Nanotrasen security department to give a tip for possible financial payment. Thank you for reading.


Memory Designer, Laura Cygnus, a beloved Nanotrasen memory designer who put her heart and soul into her work was found dead by what some believe was a rogue security officer. Her coworkers mourn the loss of life and the investigation has ceased due to the lack of leads. Here’s hoping those outer system stations get their security teams together and have the proper psychological screenings in place.

[Written and Published by Mu Baker at Lightbulb News Network]

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“The NT H.R. and Internal Affairs divisions would like to once again remind the crews of frontier stations that station security is a joint effort between regular crew and the station security teams.
Officers are by no means above space law and should be reported to the Head of Security should mishandling of the law or equipment occur.
The loss of Laura has set back numerous rapid training and clone memory loss compensation programs and NT H.R.'s dissimilarity employee retention initiative. Preventing damage by rogue actors in the Security department has wide spread effects in keeping you, your colleagues and your place of work safe and manageable.”

  • Kalavi Lumen, on behalf of NT H.R. , I.A. and NT Security Oversight board.


An outer system scientist’s credentials are under scrutiny after a corporate complaint was filed by an IPC coworker. For those who may not be aware, Integrated Positronic Chassis’, or IPCs are not protected by standard AI laws. Both parties, who wish to remain anonymous, are in the midst of a rather hard hitting paperwork battle over the ordeal.

I would not be surprised if new inclusivity policies regarding IPCs are rolled out due to this. Perhaps new roboticists will get a training video on this as well. Who knows at this point?

[Attached photo is from local station’s security camera feed]
[Used with permission of NT Officials]


In a nearby sector as our last story, love is in the air! An onboard AI has filled out a marriage license with a Head of Security for the same station. Stationeers are questioning if this is a break in Standard Operating Procedure, or at the very least a conflict-of-interests type scenario. Silicon-Organic couples, however, are claiming this a victory across NT space for their ‘Binary Love’ campaign to get NT to officially recognize these marriages.

Rumor has it, the ceremony had fifteen people show up, which considering how busy station life gets, I’m a little jealous! There are also whispers that the Silicon bride was stolen shortly after. Either way, I certainly wish the newlyweds a safe voyage among the stars together.

[Written and Published by Mu Baker at Lightbulb News Network]

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Tonight on a Corg-Class Station, there was a shootout at the local bar that evolved into a station wide manhunt with multiple injured and one confirmed death of a Felinid. The perpetrator, a bioengineered detective, had claimed to be working for an entity known as Keeper. He was apprehended and unfortunately could not serve his full sentence due to unforeseen circumstances.

Witnesses state that the detective threatened blackmail of multiple stationeers, even threatening the lives of employees’ loved ones. With a compounded effort of crew members, the threat was resolved.

Whoever this Keeper entity is, a lot of NT officials and employees are upset about it. Some are calling for stricter enforcement by security personnel, while others are calling for an investigation of NT security officials in general. Most, however, simply want justice to be brought to whoever is behind these murders.

image image
[Photo scans provided by a witness.]

A funeral was held for the anonymous felinid hosting most of the station. May she rest in peace.


Various stations on the outer reaches of Nanotrasen space have reported sightings of rather large clowns. Rumor has it that once they turn to face you they reveal their anatomically impossibly wide stature and eat your, forever damning your soul to an entity known as the Honkmother. It is unknown if these creatures are actually the product of a rogue virologist or other unregulated scientific biological project.

Is bioengineering going too far? I personally am unsure if this even counts as bioengineering at this point. Keep an eye out, readers, and hopefully they really are just a maint crawler’s folktale.

[Photo submitted by an Assistant that wished to remain anonymous]

[Written and Published by Mu Baker at Lightbulb News Network]


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Contestants are locked in a shuttle with approved spacefaring suits and each have to answer trivia questions. Winner gets a shiny medal. Three wrong or late answers answers and the contestant gets sent back to the station

You can catch this new show on entertainment networks across NT space from the comfort of your residential dorm. Showtime schedules vary from sector to sector.



Pubby-Class stations have been the subject of many debates over their efficiency and strange layouts among Centcom officials and workers alike. The last of the Pubby-class stations have been decommissioned. Rumor has it that they will be replaced by the Rad-class station that is newly designed and undergone testing.

More information on this topic will be posted as it is known.