LavaLand Syndi Gaming

The LavaLand syndi base is one of the Few good Ghostroles left to play as it provides RP potential with those who Approach\invade with the occasional commas agent mischieve but due to the recent Virology removal half of the best is completely none functional not to even mention the self destruct being bugged for a decade

Could we add something else to occupy the remaining 3 scientists as at this rate its just a glorified expo ruin , maybe some pirate stuff with the cargo dock or something or genetics or somethin


a singular grey slime in the old viro section would go hard really


Oh right, i totally forgot that they lost virology too, i guess they should compensate it with something that might fall in line with the ‘‘sneak syndicate research station + tutorial area for certain stuff’’

It’s true that the explosive rebalance made the bomb to not wipe off the base anymore, which is sad… i made an issue for it but it went stale and also mentioned it in discord iirc

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I talked a bit about adding the option for shuttles to be able to dock there. But, if that were to be made available docks will have to be able to be turned on and off. That way regular Syndicates would be able to visit the outpost and get assistance if required or whatever else.

If anyone like this idea and wanna implement it, you’re free to do so.


Doing chemistry stuff can be fun. The testing chamber is semi-safe for testing smaller bombs. Maybe they should have a testing area like toxins.

That way regular Syndicates would be able to visit the outpost and get assistance if required or whatever else.

The base would need to be SEVERELY nerfed then lmao. You get straight up nukie gear like riot darts lmg/smg with tons of boxes (hard to get due to the high iron cost normally), this without illegal tech, snipers and pistols with tons of bullets and extra mags and all of this with an easy shuttle dock, VERY early in the shift.
If you allowed that, the bluespace syndie shuttle would become the number one most bought item due to how easy it’d be to gear upwith really good loot.

Paradise station has a similar base as a permanent ghost role, but it’s a space base on a usually difficult to reach z level. I like that a lot as it allows players to test evil stuff and learn various subsystems like Botany, toxins, Atmos, viro, Chem and such without interfering with the main round, and occasionally they get involved with the main round if explorers find them (which isn’t always possible afaik.

it would go really, absurdly hard. However, consider the scenario…

A xenobiologist is truly having a good shift. Rainbow slimes in 30 minutes, what a day! They make a warping rainbow extract, teleport inside, and immediately eat three sniper rounds to the face. Three humanized golems wielding sniper rifles lead an adamantine tide out of the rune and occupy science.


you say that like thats a bad thing! What do you expect when you open up cosmic portals to unknown worlds?


good point.
honestly, i think the funniest thing they could possibly send through would be beaker medibots filled with all kinds of nasties. Or armies of angry gold slime mobs. Or send armies of sentient slimes over the lava to occupy lavaland.

On second thought, this is fun. Do this immediately.


On para the role specifically mentions you’re not to leave the syndie station. Similar rules wording should be fine here. And also that scenario sounds hilarious and awesome.

If Lavaland syndicate gets some love in their trying times, I hope they also get some instruments at the base.


The wording is already present here, the lavaland syndies should never leave the base

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The only useful thing left outside of comms would be chem (one meth bomb will set off the walls equivalent to activating the self destruct) or fusion (kill off all 4 of the syndie crew and anyone unfortunate to be nearby by rads)