Larenge Orgent / Sar-Lurz player report

CKEY: crow4

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: * Airlines7 / * GoreDem

Offender’s In-Game Name: * Larenge Orgent the Captain & * Sar-Lurz the Head of Security

Server (Sage or Acacia):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/14/2022

Round Number: 37403

Rules Broken: 9.2

Incident Description: I was just observing this round, I noticed Boops-the-Snoot was a changeling, on the bridge. The HoS and the Captain not only ordered the ling to murder a guy, but then ordered, and allowed said ling to drink the guy, in the middle of bridge. I know it was a revolution round so there’s some leeway on, say a ceasefire, with the ling, but that was straight self antag i reckon. I did ahelp it during the round and it was marked IC, however I don’t think I was too clear in the ticket, but i feel i’m uhh… more clear now.

Additional Information: directly from the rules, " 1. Willfully assisting known antagonists is self-antag. Your loyalty is to Nanotrasen, your co-workers, and the station. There are no friendly antagonists."

Wasn’t this handled by staff in round?

an admin’s word is final, if you have a problem with the result make an admin report

As per R0 an admins word is final, if you disagree with the way something was handled file a Staff Report.

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