"Lagar-Tija" Feedback (dat purple lizard)

Buenos días.

So yeah, Lagartija, sometimes you’ll see him as a generic QM, or as the most unrobust seccie ever, or as a miner who always sidesteps lava, or as a chef, but you’ll never see him as an engineer or a scientist (hurts mah brain!!!).

I want to know what y’all think about this stupid spanish lizard, criticism, opinions, roast and blah blah, i really want to improve this character.

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hey guys look is latargija helloooo

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Nobody will ever know

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Secoff lizard player

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complete sentence.

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Bad back posture 5/10

Nothing a corset can’t fix!!!

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Make more tortillas

Sadly im only capable of doing mexican tortillas (made with corn, weak)

Instead of spanish tortillas (made with egg, onion, potatoes and zucchini, SUPERIOR)

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I will steal your tail and make lizard wine with it. How will you respond ?

Probably saying “Ah… Well tails grow back, dont they?”

(Actually it happened and responded that way lol, but for cargo)

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Bumping this because soon i might be ale to be more present on the spess game and i want to know stuff

IT HAPPENED :pensive:


This thread is now ilegal, everyone will be arrested

(I cant change the name so ill had to make another lol)


You could ask an admin to change the thread name.

That too! I dont have a name yet tho, ill do it when i come up with something.

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I will again defend the use of Lagar-Tija


Lager-Tija would be great as “Lager” in Swedish means stock and inventory, perfect for QM!

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What is the word in sweedish for shut up you nerd :trolled:

“håll käften nörd”


OKay now without all the egyptian hyerogliphs