Kyle’s guide to heresy

Okay this goes mostly for lrp or if you have the magicsl ability to not give a fuck what people say and pull good excuses out your ass.

You will have 3 obj, usually sacrifice x people so murder is unevitable and you can try to ascend. So here is what you do:
Step 1 go tool storage for iron, best eva and get rcd. With enough swiftness I can pull that off idk about you guys but remember to hide your items in vests or boots since noone checks those. Now you print 3 knives, get your ritual stuff prepped and make a rune somewhere secure, away from workplace.

Chances are sec knows it’s heretics and will not give a shit really when you made the rune/s (i advise for making many) once you made 3 blades. Get a bola, a box, soap, tools, insuls, all the robusting gear you can find, as a priority I’d get flashproofs and bangproofs but spraypaint and earmuffs work just as well. Now you can ez 1v1 most people with blade, get creative, bola is gg.

Now you are prepped (unless you didn’t go rust and took no meds)

Thing is, there is no secret on how 2 robust as the game is so random you might lose just because, so don’t be a pussy and go for it on first occasion and break blade if u get caught. Rust is optimal imo as the healing is godlike and even though you have less utility you can oneshot borgs which sounds op but isn’t really since a competent seccie is enough to get you.

As I said, go for targets, get creative, dont be a creep, use bodybags/ fireman and here is a tip:

Make fucking bombs or nades.
See a chemist target? Shit IED’s into his lab and while chaos ensues you take him out, you can tank pressure dmg. BSB bag is great. Good luck heresy people, and remember the robes have bonkers armour and are flashproof. Unless you are ash don’t go for anything but ash sidepath. The jaunt is good and you can heal from blood and rust but not ash, here’s the comparison:
Blood lets you hit shit to deal dmg and heal like crazy we talking 15-20 health heal per hit. Rust is overtime but if you prep a place to fight and shit rust everywhere you can basically hear over time and get 3 extra hits resistance (heard rust heals stam dmg too).

Also cargo disposals and paper and delivery is a way to play unabomber.


Maybe now…maybe…they won’t hide in fear for and hour and 30 minutes

No mention of ashen shift? Thats literally the best heretic spell of all, lets you dab on pursuit and just teleport through a wall to make your escape. Extra hilarious if you get brigged without sec realizing you are a heretic and then just teleport out of the cell.

When you go flesh and don’t suck. AKA have 9 living hearts.

I said to always go shift if rust or blood

Ahh I see it now, sorry man my bad

No problem, bad formatting really.