Kilo Station rework input thread

This thread is for tracking bugs and feedback for

Updated map:


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Im not sure if its on my end but it lags

What is this, an autism fort?

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The place where you go hiding from the antags


Seems to be a local issue. No problems here and we haven’t gotten any other reports.

It’s a little abandoned base that you can shuttle to. It’s a good place to do little construction projects or for team antags to group up.

Or for setting up a cult base :flushed:

Similar to MetaStation,

In Medbay, could you replace one of the sleepers with a lifeform Stasis Units? Super usefull to have, plus hardly anyone builds more of em

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The detectives office spawns with sunglasses, as in not the ones that provide flash protection. His office should have SEChud or advanced sunglasses.

Secondly the armoury placement is horrible. Its super easy to break into it without the warden or anyone ever seeing the dude who is breaking in. I think its pretty vital that the wardens office is attached to the armoury so that he can keep an eye on it at all times.

As it stands you only need to hack two doors and break one windoor to get into the armoury from outside the brig, which can be done incredibly fast, and with the armoury being so far from wardens office its extra bad. So armoury needs to be placed into a more secure spot, and I would recommend it be attached to the wardens office.

sunglass issue fixed, the other shit is a bit more involved and i aint in the mood to do it right now

That airlock works like a pre-fastmos one

Things I noticed:

  • medbay has 2 sleepers yet no stasis beds
  • not sure if giving people access to cloner from hallway is a good idea (remove windoor and door)
  • the heater in chemistry is in awful spot blocking they way and, same as cloning room, I’m not so sure if giving people easy access to it from hallway is a good idea
  • there could be shutters in surgery room
  • you sure maints won’t lose their pressure if you enter the room with scanner and pickaxe?
  • perma brig is nice and cool, but how would you take a shit there :flushed: (also rads shielding)
  • remove the rocks behind the armory and add camera in their place (maybe some grilles too?)
  • does hos really need a personal shutter to the armory?
  • 6 cells are too much, convert 3 of them into a bigger brig physician office (can’t remember it’s name)
  • brig not having direct access to its pod
  • add reinforced walls to the atmos gas rooms (the ones touching the maints)
  • why is some floor reinforced and some not in grav gen?
  • dets office is missing sechuds
  • also why does the detective get random ass surgery room
  • what is purpose of those random engineering doors that are right to dets office?
  • random cargo doors and engi maints in arrivals/departures
  • remove the wall mounting igniters in toxins, do they even work anyway?
  • I love that little room in toxins launch but won’t it make maints depresurize?
  • again, not a fan of single doors leading to hallway (robotics this time)
  • remove a door in kitchen cold room (leave the one that goes from kitchen)
  • remove one emitter from secure storage and replace it with generator (move the one from from hardsuit storage)
  • keep the breaking from the north into AI sat tactic, keep the window (with shutter) north of the AI instead of south (the meta approach?)
  • idk if placing a flash in ai core is the best idea, but who cares I guess

That’s all I could find, yes I know I’m nitpicky but I still hope you can use my feedback.
edit: tbh whole medbay statis/sleepers area looks kinda bad but I can’t think of any way of improving it right now.


Archanial personally I quite like the Detective surgery room as it doesnt take much space but you can do forensic shit in there.

Also another issue i noticed is that the EXPERIMENTOR doesnt work, it cant link up to an RnD console so you cant use it.

It’s only my opinion but right now he has better equipment than the brig physician.



@zeskorion when will kilo get merged? I’d love to make some changes myself and try improving my mapping skills.


Good thing this is gone, I hope Corg goes down the same way.
Bring us a real station that was carefully designed rather than “haha funny corgi shape that adds literally no value”

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at least corg doesn’t suck so hard it crashes the server

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Kilostation still using the more classic single doors rather than double doors.

QM office lacking most of the QM quipment such as his cloak, megaphone, stamp, budget card.