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Appealing note instead of admin report.

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2022-05-26 13:22:33
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To give context prior to confrontation. We recieved a message of a contractor being on station. Hos instructs us to arrest anyone not on manifest on sight.

When i saw the person, they wear wearing an assistant ID named alan walker which i checked and it was not on manifest. I attempt to arrest them. As they are running they fire a syringe gun and miss. At which point i call in to other officers that i found the suspect.

I slightly lose them but find them again in engi maints shortly after. I pursue them and try to bring them down. In the fight they were moving faster than usual. Now if we connect the dots of syringe gun and higher movement speed. We can safely assume this person has meth in them or some other form of combat stim.
now use of deadly force states

I was completely justified in my use of lethal force in the situation as they were armed and dangerous, and non-lethal weapons are ineffective.

I shotgun them till they flop over. I hit them with my baton 3-4 times. then slap cuffs on them and bring them to brig medbay to be healed. (Note they never died in this encounter)

As for additional information: ending the note with “you’re not here to win” is rude as there is no other way of dealing with people who utilize combat stims.


This is a blatant lie, i didnt use any combat stims nor did you try to use nonlethals whatsoever before pulling out lethal buckshots, then continue to harmbaton me when im in crit only to go on rant afterwards about how much you hate chemists

You only found out i had stims AFTER you killed me, and i didnt even fucking use them while you filled my body full of lead, it is metagamy as shit to assume i have stims just cause i have a syringe gun

I wasnt, you could even pull out logs to prove this shit wrong

You keep lying by omission. I did try to non-lethaly bring you in. In the intial chase i threw a bola which you caught, threw back and missed. Followed by you shooting a syringe gun. You forfeit your right to non lethal arrest there.

You also claim you did not have stims, but when i scanned you in brig (mind you, you did not die). You had 8 units of meth inside your system after being stripped. How did that get there?

As for your claims of some meta grudge against chemists, i called you a crybaby. There is no ulterior motive


from a cursory glance the issue here doesnt seem to be that you lethaled them at all, but that you kept doing so when they were already in crit and cuffed.
going by the word of the note anyways

They never got hit while cuffed. And again, they never died in this encounter

You harmbatoned me 4-5 times while i was in crit, i was one hit away from death, you seem to be leaving out facts too

The fact that you went for lethals the second your were permitted to use lethals really gives the impression of “i see the valid i kill the valid”. Nonlethals were still an option as i said, no stims were used whatsoever.

And i dont think its unreasonable that your mindset is “im here to win” as in ooc after the round you said yourself “try more meta builds”

Meta is something used in PvP games to maximise your ability to win, not in roleplaying games where the ultimate objective isnt to win the game, nobody plays DnD to win and those that do are incredibly unfun to play with

I decided for once to go for a round where i dont kill security with no lethal weaponry on me whatsoever and i get rewarded with immediatly getting lethaled cause i fired a single syringe that missed you which gives me no incentive whatsoever to try to be more of a fun nonlethal antagonist in the future

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No, it’s not. These conditions exist purely because you become the agressor. It is a very unreasonable expectation that a person firing syringes at you is non-lethal.

I’ll wait for logs on this.

Since i guess i have to adress this. I called you a baby as part of my trash talk

How was i an agressor when you were the first one to wordlessly approach me and throw a bola at me?

I in panic injected stims the last moment as i was almost crit, by that time it was too late and had no effect on my movement whatsoever as apparent by the end result

You did not adress my main issue whatsoever, and its your mindset and approach to the game, which is exactly what you got noted for

To “hit me with a baton” can be interpreted as a stun, when you did infact harmbaton me, but its completly useless to argue about semantics