Kay Rique#7661's mute appeal

Discord ID:
Kay Rique#7661
Admin Discord ID:
dont remember
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Ban Reason:
ick-ocking (2x) and pinging an admin repeatedely in discord for an ingame request, when there were no admins in the round
Appeal Reason:
I’d like to request an unmute, I’ve matured over most game mechanics and dont act as excited when i do, or something new happens. I was ick ocking because I was new to the game and everything i shared i thought was unique, and formatted in a way that wouldnt give away critical, non-obvious information
Additional Information:
The message history blocker in the salt mines is horrible for trying to have conversations

I will lift my warning, don’t ick ock anymore please. Leaving this open for the other warns.

For reference, other 2 were on nov 5 and 11

Alright, I’m lifting my warning as well.

As Ivniinvi said, I hope you stop ick ocking.

I’ll personally be more inclined to make it a 2 point warn if I see you ick ocking again, after this appeal.