Kate Bishop discord ban appeal

Discord ID: katebot

Admin Discord ID: chutuluonice

Ban Type: idk

Ban Length: idk

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 8/7/2020

Ban Reason: said that defendng child smut is a pedo thing to do

Appeal Reason: its a dumb reson to ban soneone. Even more when half of the reason is that, i offended him in other server

Additional Information:
Bruh x3


This is split from the original topic, since the original was entirely taken over by a separate discussion. The original thread has been archived and can be referenced via the link above.

Calling someone a pedophile is not to be taken lightly that has serious implications and has caused distress to your victim. You don’t even seem remorseful and your actions have lead to creations of short attack videos that now compare your victim to Epistien which is just a completely unfair comparison and down right sickening. You caused this instead of working through the proper channels to express discontent you instead are remorseless and demand special privileges.

You, yourself have done this exact thing that you used to attack him. Why your opinión doesnt change whats against the rules and express that it was “loli” in your own words. You would then go just mere days later to be accepted back, given mentorship and climbing the ladder in Bee. Meanwhile currently you pushed someone off the top of the ladder for the same act and have caused them a great deal of both stress, harassment, and defamatory attacks upon him.

Your position is that loli is pedophilia to attack him. Yet you have done the exact same. So by your own established position you are making a confession about yourself. You’ve now entrapped yourself into this label.

So I ask you Bee community, are we going to let someone in here by their own standards would be the very thing the entire community turned against Kev on? We are a community for all ages and do we really want to let in those who self admittingly fit into a category that puts minors into risk?

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Ok zoey. This is completelly off topic go defend cp somewhere else,.


Kev posted a weird picture but it wasn’t CP. It suggested a heinous act sure. But it was both a drawn image and not sexually explicit.
He did t deserve to get the level of harassment you’ve brought upon him

This is not off topic, you have done the same act that you lead a crusade against. You labeled someone a pedophile for that act that you, yourself confess that you have done. So, by your own words you labeled yourself this title.

Why should we allow someone in who confesses to do acts that they themselves think makes them a predator to children?

I said several times it got out of hand. Inever asked for, him to be demoted or assaulted i just wanted him to face the same punichment as everyone else. A normal softbab

1.posting a picture of the kid of your uncle whit your friends iscan one thing.

2.posting a picture of a pregnant child is another.

3.kev didnt even get banned dont try to victimice yourself and get me lynched for something that may mot been even loli or could just be a random weeb picture. My memory id shit

You yourself are banned from the community. Who are you to say “we”?

I mean you can have more then one personality.

I am only banned from the discord I can play the game just fine and I still have access to the forums.

20 whats your point

Also, on an actual and very serious note…

Defending pedophilia pt1

Defending pedophilia pt2

Did kate post porn?

Defending pedophilia pt3

Your point?

You posted what you, yourself consider CP and even called it such in this very thread. Now, I don’t share that view but that is your personal expressed view which you continue to tout. This is a confession from you that you personally believed you have posted CP content.

You labeled another user as a pedophile for doing the same act. You are thus calling yourself that very title. Why should we allow someone who self-proclaims to be such under their own standards into the community full a minors?

I believe i posted a image from konosuma where memin appeared when, i was 16 . Dont judge me i didnt know better them being a weeb.

Zoey in the words of, everyone. Shut the fuck up. I never posted cp not even sligthly sexual and stop using shitty arguments out of spite…

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Zoey should be the last person to bring up people’s past actions, and for this to happen we didn’t go digging up somebody’s past, it was the present with the current rules.

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See, everyone this is the special pleading that I am talking of. It’s okay when she does it it’s not the same. She even tries to make age into an excuse when this was literally just a few months ago.

If you happen to believe Kev did wrong then you must believe that Kate has done the same exact act. And under how to own standards is self-confession a very, very nasty thing about themselves. Imagine the damage to the perception of the Bee community to allow someone who is self confessing to be a predator.

I urge the leaders of this community to do the right thing and not allow

If what i posted posibly being a official artwork of a serie i liked whit alll the characters lined up that deserves me being perma removed then YOU should be too. While we are at it kev should also be permabanned whit noword appeal considering the major difference on the images. So if something as mild as a anime poster deserves a permaban what punishment should he get,?

Note: i dont call for morecomo hate, fori kev he had no ill intentions and already got punished, please stop the riots.