Kate bishop ban appeal #69

**CKEY:**kate bishop

**Admin’s CKEY:**aeder1

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**lrp… kinda

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-07-29 21:24

**Round ID:**19187

Ban Reason:“permaed a guy for making lube” + i as warned on final strike while the report was ongoing wich is a little bs

**Appeal Reason:**chemist tried to break out of his 5 mins sentence 2 times in the end he was jailed for 10-15 minutes because he literally tried to steal a gun and shoot (nonlethal still) in the end a admin took pity and i let him go after 8 minutes

Additional Information:
how in the world is that perma aeder tell me…???


Probably your vast amount of history :thinking:


This ban was given considering your VERY VERY LARGE amount of notes and bans and teh fact that you keep doing the same stuff after unban

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im not against that, im against the last straw and report being invalid and poorly looked at.

Kate is quite deep into bee station. “she” was also a former council member along with mentor. Doesn’t deserve perma in my opinion not to mention she was community removed

Maybe a head/sec ban would be more appropriate rather than a perma server ban

im head banned as i never appealed a fuckup i did

Rememba kev? 202020gfddvy

head ans sec ban wouldnt really do anything here (discounting they are already banned from these) Kate did the above as a chaplain

keep her banned
she has literally 32 bans (somehow more than me)
and a lot of them are overescalation and shit like that, and she probably has like 50 notes for this kinda shit

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Another player report that I was also going through on the same day.

I’m happy keeping the perma till you get a vouch from another server.


To clarify, Kate broke into science presumably to get tech, but broke into robotics which led to me attempting to flash. This didn’t work and they took that as me escalating things causing them to attack me.

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Huh? she broke in then attacked you??? wtf


only because I flashed them which was entirely warranted

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you recognized that Kate’s ban history was the result of administrative oversight, so u decide to immediately permaban her. so by doing that u may have removed a ‘toxic’ player from the community, but you didn’t do anything to make sure this wouldn’t happen again (from where i’m standing it seems possible that you’ve made the problem even worse)

tbh I was just following orders and watchlist. I don’t really interact with kate since they moved to LRP.

so you admit of banning whitout confirming logs… this is a bruh moment

:crab: :crab: kate is gone :crab: :crab:

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such sad indeed i got the crusader treathment

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