Kalavi Lumen's guide to feeding the crew

Good day, fellow chefs and members of the service department.
Is the crew ridding your ass about being hungry? Do you want to feed them delicious food that makes them happy, while also having the time to cook more than just one thing?

This is it, this is the way, I shall now reveal to you the ultimate ways to keep the vast majority of the crew happy and fed.

One word, PIZZA.

To start strong, Pizza is very very good for keeping at least half of the crew fed and happy.
Functionally speaking Mushroom pizza is all you need, a single cut up pizza will serve 3 crew members for the low cost of flat loaf of pizza and 5 mushrooms (preferably Chanterelle, never Fly Amanitas) this will happily feed both humans and moth-folk handily.

What you should aim for however is Meat pizza and Veggie pizza, both present at the same time.
Humans Love meat pizza, meat pizza is the best pizza to them, Felinids will often take it if there isn’t another option too, but I have special directions which will be discussed later for them.

Moths love Veggie pizza, it’s cheese, veggies and bread all at once, pure gold to them. Oozelings also fairly enjoy veggie pizza from what I understand, but I may be wrong.
check the “Pizzas” section of the crafting menu

Feeding humans, or how I stopped worrying and learned to love deep fryers.

So it’s god damn simple as all hell to keep all humans on station happy with your cooking and all you need to do is get one of two things. Onions or Potatoes.
for Onions it’s dead simple, cut em up, microwave, then Deep fry. Presto, you’ve made one of two holy grails of fast food for humans.
Potatoes, simply dice into wedges, then place in food processor and finish with guess what, more frying. Fast food holy-grail #2.
both should sit in the fryer to no mor than 3 Sizzles, otherwise you’re dealing in more fry than food.
As a bonus, I’ve developed a delicious little burger I call the “Austere Deluxe” which also involves a deep fried component, lightly deep-fried chanterelle, with cheese, placed betwixt bun and a meat of your discretion. I’ve been told it is amazing, but I am a moth so eating that is a no-go for me.

Life, Love and good doughnuts, interchangeable according to SEC

Doughnuts are good, but plain doughnuts are boring, if one was to equate a lifestyle to plain doughnuts, plain doughnuts are pure basic subsistence.
But for the purposes of getting to where I’m leading, doughnuts are simple, sugar, an egg and flour, mixed and bam, cake batter. Roll into pie base, then cut into pastry base, around 3 in total.

Now here’s where more sugar comes in, just 1 unit of sugar is needed for a doughnut with the base, but load that beaker up some more, break out your lighter and get caramelizing. after that, apply caramel to doughnut via crafting menu. BOOM, you’ve now won the hearts and minds of the security force. other crew like these alot too though.

How to aquire souls via food. AKA feeding the Felinids

You need only 3 simple ingrediants to utterly dispel any doubts of fate and become the ultimate authority of those weird eared, tailed masochists.
1 Bread loaf, Egg yolk and sliced Cheese. If you don’t know how to get those, you need to go back to the basics of all cooking and start your career over. to speed that up though, you find eggs in the fridge with your milk. you get cheese by using 5 units of uni-enzyme and 30 units of aforementioned milk and you make bread by microwaving the immediate result of flour and water.

Now you just brush off that cookbook crafting menu, find “Khachapuri”, combine aforementioned ingrediants, proceed to become the ultimate god-chef of all Felinids on station.
You’re welcome.

The final crash course

in the event you decide to forge your own way, remember the following things.
Moths love Cheese, Vegetables, bread and tofu. If you aren’t feeding them, that means the station’s wardrobe is being depleted.

Humans like meat, sugar, junk food and fried stuff, those last two are basically the same thing.

Lizard-folk eat exclusively meat, not garnished, not fried, just meat, raw or cooked, you may have had the displeasure of being on the end of a lizard chef who is not multi-species trained so you probably already knew this.

Felinids love Cheese, milk products and meat. and embarrassment, and pain, they are freaky masochists, don’t ever forget this.

Oozelings eat every damn food so long as it doesn’t have high water content.

I don’t think Plasma-men even really eat any more than what they already breathe.

I have more knowledge, but if I told you all of it you’d probably try and steal my cushy kitchen reputation.

Go now, make the foods that the station will enjoy.

tip for felinids!

We also like organs!!

We love organs!!

Nom nom!


True, felinids love most/any kind of organs, cooked, raw, fried it all works!


Apids are ways forgotten… Just give them a glass of 50u of sugar and they’ll be happy, though.

yeah don’t apids like fruits too?


Only junkfood and fried.

Even if they went through the ordeal of making a safe environment to eat they cannot taste and nothing is “”“toxic”“” to them. (Toxic in quotes because toxic isn’t actually toxic.)

They also like ‘gross’ foods. Counter to what you might think, lizards actually don’t mind fruits or vegetables. They do dislike grain and dairy though.

Now, where’s the section for IPCs, apids and ethereals?

What about God’s gift to the world: Pineapple Pizza!?

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First 15 minutes of the round you should make breakfast, List of food here: Guide to food and drinks - BeeStation Wiki

The quick way to cover the bases is 1 carton of eggs. 2 wheels of cheese, 1 or 2 bread. 1 or 2 cake batter and the meat in the fridge. From there you can cook most the food groups in the list quite quickly and maybe some more depending on your starting food box.

Save the organs from slaughtered monkeys. Perfect food for the lizards.

here’s a snippet from my menu. if you follow this each round you’ll have everything you need to make cool things without people going hungry in the meantime:


  1. Ask botany to grow (or make them yourself).

  2. Breakfast: feed people / put on counter:

  • {waffles} = Mix 30 flour, 30 soy milk, 10 sugar. Roll, Slice, microwave, Craft.
  • {fied eggs} = 6 eggs, salt, papper, Craft.
  1. Run to Chem get:
  • 10u of Sulphuric Acid.
  • syringe.

check for lathe:

  • make rods/tables
  1. Optinal, rearrange tables, find wrench. make kitchen more usable:

  2. Sauces:

  • {Soy sauce} = Mix 40 units soy milk, 10 units Sulphuric Acid.
  • {Ketchup}, {Hot Sauce} = Grind chilis, Grind tomatoes.
  1. Lunch prep:
  • {Tofu} = Mix ∞ soy milk, 15 universal enzyme.

  • {Spaghetti}, {Buns} = Mix 60 flour, 40 water. flatten, slice, microwave 3, process rest, microwave.

  • {Cheese Wedge} = Mix 80 milk, 10 universal enzyme. slice.

  • {Cutlets}, {Bacon} = Slice 4 raw meat, Process 2 raw cutlet. microwave all.

  • {Boiled Rice} = Bowl of water, 10 rice flour (grind rice), Microwave.

  • {Space Fries} = Slice a potato, Process.

  • {Onion Rings} = Slice onion, microwave.

  1. Put on tables: , [2 Salt / pepper], , [sauces], milk, flour.

  2. is where you make the fun stuff