Just noticed on the ban page an almost 4 YEAR ban by a trial admin? And no Authorization?

Last time I checked bloons3 was a trialmin, and since he’s under an admin report (mine) he can’t get promoted to fullmin, and thus, has no authority to ban on his own, right? Let alone a 4 year ban? For a single act? Can somebody explain to me the situation here? (not meant to be accusatory, it’s late at posting time so my tone when writing is probably off, this just seems really weird to me)

It’s a job ban. They need authorization for server bans.

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helpful and informative, thank you. have a nice (6-10 hour period of time such as day, evening, or night, depending on where you are in the world)

Looks like he set the time to days, but forgot to change it from the default number in the box of 1440 (which is usually minutes).

my nibba this game aint gonna exist in 4 years