Joelogbybolb Mentor Application

Your CKEY: joelogbybolb

Your Discord: jixs4v

How long have you been playing ss13?: 6 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: N/A

Game Experience (More Detailed): Experience in most jobs except atmos tech, botany and silicons, Engineering knowledge isn’t that complete but I’m competent at Medical, all of Science except maybe my flimsy toxins, Security and Cargo.

(I am gonna stop playing for a couple weeks due to a trip but I’ll reply to questions nevertheless, will be back the 14th of July)

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  1. how do i change the battery, scanner and capacitator of a already build mech?

Could you provide living/ghost hours as well, that gives a clearer playtime than when its broken down to jobs, like so:


  1. Can I eat monkeys as a changeling?
  2. Can you get rid of a dormant virus in someone?
  3. How do I change the color of a light-up floortile?

You need to put it in maintenance mode. First go into the mech and open the mech’s panel, and allow maintenance protocols. Then exit the mech and use your ID on it. Click “initiate maintenance protocols”, then wrench and crowbar the mech and in the same popup window three options should pop up, allowing you to drop the scanner, capacitor and power cell. You can then, after clicking each option use the upgraded ones on the mech, and then crowbarring and wrenching it and clicking the button that says “terminate maintenance protocols”

Living/Dead is 473/73, got it from beebot since I don’t have access to a computer right now

  1. I’ve only rolled changeling twice but since monkeys have DNA you should be able to absorb them. I have had success with absorbing humanized monkeys though

  2. I don’t think you can but you don’t have any reason to do it since they don’t affect you in any way

  3. I don’t think you can, but my best guess would be to use a multitool, although the code I’ve seen doesn’t mention anything about it.

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  1. You cant absorb lesser creatures as a changeling, however, you can do humanised monkeys.
  2. You indeed cant, however it hogs a virus slot so it can affect you.
  3. You can. You just click on it with an empty hand. Its in the 57th line of

I vacillated for a while, but I came to the conclusion to not grant an updoot based on these answers, so that would be a +0 for me.

  1. how do i turn Pete into meat
  2. How do i turn my radio into big text as an AI?
  3. i want to make a mulebot run over and kill people how do I do this
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  1. First kill Pete with your method of choice. Then with a knife on harm intent click on Pete to butcher him, you will then have meat.
  2. In the AI commands tab, click on “Transceiver Settings”, then in there toggle loud mode. (I had to codedive for this one since I’m not a silicon player and I’m on my phone)
  3. You wanna hack the mulebot. Unlock the controls by using an ID with cargo tech access (QM, Cap, HOP) on it alternatively use an emag. Use a screwdriver on it then pulse every wire with the multitool till it shows the following message: “The external warning lights flash briefly”. Cut that wire. It will now run over people.
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  1. Yep!
  2. Also yep! Glad to hear of codediving.
  3. Also also yep!

Good detailed answers, get in here! +1. I do think it’ll probably take the time your vacation will be to get this accepted, so you should be good.



9 day bumperino

  1. how do i grow meth
  2. how do i rob the clown of his shoes
  3. help, the green orb i got as chap will not stop moving
  1. How to unhusk someone without using synthflesh?
  2. How to cure mild brain traumas (traumas that do not have the ‘severe’, ‘deep-rooted’, or ‘permanent’ prefix on the health analyzer) without curing severe brain traumas, and without using neurine?
  3. How to undo being transform stung by a changeling, if you did not make a backup of your DNA to a disk beforehand?
  4. What are some things that can be done to increase surgery speed?
  1. First tend the wounds of the husk until it’s down to less than 50 burn damage, then apply 5u of rezadone, you should have an unhusked body.

  2. Tough one, my best guess would be nanites with neural regeneration on them, which has a chance to cure minor traumas every second.

  3. Thanks to a recent change you can now use clonehexadone (have it in your system for a long time) to reverse the effects of the changeling transform sting.

  4. If you want to maximize surgery speed, use upgraded tools (arm implant has the best ones that don’t need alien tech), a surgery bed, and splashing reagents on the patient (best one is honey (60% increase IIRC), although sterilizer spray is what is available to medbay at round start)

  1. Correct!
  2. While this is correct, the answer I was looking for was Cortex Imprint surgery, which constantly and automatically cures minor traumas. This is also a good workaround for brain tumor (or curing someone’s cat surgeon pacifism without curing hypnosis or obsession)
  3. Yup! (Although it’s spelled clonexadone, hehe)
  4. Also correct! Although you forgot one: surgery is faster on dead or sleeping patients (so there’s actually a reason to use anesthesia other than brainwashing someone).

All-around good answers, I’ll give ya a +1!

T: 2

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  1. I’m not good at botany at all, but you can grow omega weed by mutating cannabis and grind up then separate the meth in it from other reagents with a chem master (there’s one in the holokitchen program in the holodeck)

  2. Shove him then use grab intent while targeting his feet.

  3. You can wrench it in place by using your null rod on it

  1. nope that is one way but you can use the DNA Extractor on the omega weed and extract the meth and put it in anything like grass
  2. yup thats one way
  3. yep thats the only way to wrench the orb

Been playing botany as of lately to get a bit more knowledge on how it works

5 bans, 4 of which are server bans in the short time youve been here, and an admin commenting on your conduct have made me rather skeptical of this application.

A mentor is not just what they know or how many hours they have.

Maybe it is in good faith, and you have developed as a person in the few months since then, but on principle I believe it to be too soon an app for me to give a positive score.




Here are my questions. However, i also think that it’s too little experience for a mentor job. If you have experience other than Bee, it might be okay.

1-) How do i track someone as an AI?
2-) I am a lavaland lizard, what do i do now?
3-) Where can i find paper cups?