Jikkajoestar mentor application

*Your CKEY: jikkajoestar

Your Discord: @jikka_joestar

How long have you been playing ss13? 5 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Maybe Absolucy and sugarcube

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have been playing on Beestation for 5 months, although i haven’t played on any other servers. Each of my characters main a specific role or category of roles. My characters are Nova Jensen, who mains security and medical, Lazuli Evanson, who mains service and gimmick roles, ROBO, who mains science, engineering, and supply roles, and a moth that I haven’t played in a while and don’t remember the name of. Most of my hours are in security, but I’ve been playing security less becuase I’ve started to find it more boring. I would consider myself quite skilled in medical roles, and I have basic knowledge of all roles even though I am not very good at some, like atmos tech. My last note was in mid August, but as I recall it was for an incident in either late July or early August. Since then I have not recieved any notes. I am interested in trying more servers but I have not done so yet.

Edit: fixed a typo

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Let’s get this started then.

No bans :white_check_mark:

Low hours (282h) :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Let’s see how you answer these questions then. Take your time to answer the question and don’t be afraid to use the wiki if you don’t know the answer immediately.

  1. How much damage does a hatchet deal? Its it better than a pickaxe?
  2. How do you fill a tank with a portable pump before i kill everyone?
  3. If you die as a construct, do you drop your soulstone or stay dead?
  4. I used synthflesh on a corpse but it didnt dehusk. Why is that?
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  1. A pickaxe does 15 base damage per hit, and a hatchet does 12 base damage per hit, however a hatchet is a small item which means it can fit in your backpack while a pickaxe cannot. Which one is better depends on the situation you’re in and what’s available.

  2. Make sure you have an empty tank in the portable pump, set the pump direction to “in” if it isn’t already set to that, set a target pressure (default usually works) and turn it on. Be careful, though, as the pump will also remove the air from the room, potentially endangering people around it.

  3. When a construct is destroyed, the soul inside of it is also destroyed, so you would stay dead.

  4. In order for synthflesh to dehusk a corpse, 100u of synthflesh is needed, and the corpse cannot have more than 50 burn damage. You either didn’t use enough synthflesh, or the husk was too burned

Hatchets also have extra throwforce and the ability to embed.

  1. Yes, though the silver and diamond tipped pickaxes do more damage. (17&19)
  2. Yes and no. If theres a tank in the pump, it wont remove air from the room.
  3. Indeed
  4. Yes. Theres Rezadone for dehusking too and you only need 5 units of that. You also cant dehusk changeling consumed people.

Answers are good, they just dont feel “full”, but thats just me being nitpicky.



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Wooo mentor app!
I’ll also ask a couple of questions:

  1. Can you post your detailed hours by job?

Pretend the next ones are mhelps you would get:

  1. “How do I toggle the high power mode for the hydroponics trays? Ctrl click didn’t work.”
  2. “I have dagd can I murderbone”
  3. “How do I deconvert an IPC?”

  1. ctrl-click is the hotkey to pull an item, alt-click will turn on the high power mode.
  2. Yes
  3. Inject holy water into it using a syringe, IPCs don’t have a mouth so you can’t make them drink anything
  1. Well that’s nicely spread out with quite a bit of command but it is indeed not a lot of in game hours.
  2. Our botany trays don’t actually have a “high power mode”, the person who had asked this was used to TG’s botany. To make ours golden, you need to compost 4 gaia branches into them.
  3. While that is true, us mentos aren’t supposed to answer rules related questions as stated in our policy on the wiki: Non-Admin Staff Conduct - BeeStation Wiki
  4. That is correct!

After looking at your hours and your answers I have to admit that you don’t look super ready. I’ll be giving you a -0.5, but I do recommend you apply again in the future when you get a few more hours in!
T: 0.5

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how the fuck you people know the value of damage of a weapon? you diving in the codes or something?

Yes I am

Hey, thanks for applying.

You have a good enough player record, but most importantly, you have a good spread of hours even if a on the lower end of what is expected for mentors.

Sadly, that combined with your overall irregular periods of activity doesn’t feel me with confidence regarding giving you staff status, at the moment.

That is subject to change depending on how you evolve as a player, we just want to make sure that people that become staff are reliable and won’t just dip immediately after we gave them the badge.

As such, feel free to reapp once you have more hours and can contribute a bit more regularly!

App denied at T:0.5