JayHays banned by Haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Server, Role
Ban Length:
3 day server ban, 1 month command + security ban
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
There were two antags in this scenario. The contractor traitor and their (hypno’d) assistant.

I was banned for executing the contractor traitor as HoS with little roleplay but I disagree with that statement. You see, I did not get to roleplay with the contractor while they were alive because they were immediately engaged (I should note we caught them in the act of abducting a crewmember) and killed for possessing space carp by myself and my officers after a tense battle in the central hall. (as well as some crew who might have jumped in to assist sec)

I did plenty of roleplay with the other antag (the contractors assistant). The assistant got off with a hostile agent charge and that was really it. As for the contractor, we didn’t run a trial for EOTC because station conditions were poor (no power in many places, no lights, no lawyer), a fair trial was not possible. I made the choice to borg the contractor because they would be far more useful to NT as an engi borg instead of a syndicate contractor. At the time I didn’t know pacification surgery existed or I would have been okay with keeping them alive.

And my reasoning for labeling contractors as EOTC is this: Syndicate contractors abduct crew. Who else abducts crew? Space pirates. Abductors. Both of those are EOTC, so why aren’t syndicate contractors?

Additionally, EOTC has been poorly defined for awhile now when it comes to defining how a regular traitor may be elevated to EOTC status as shown here in the first line of the notes:
This picture implies that syndicate agents who DO take any criminal action may be charged here after committing any crimes. I think the wording needs to be changed.

Additional Information:
I believe a one month security + command ban is extremely harsh for what I did

I do apologize to the medical staff who I could have involved in the de-braining/borging process of the contractor

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Then you should’ve either just left Explodes in the morgue and told the doctors to not revive her. Or maybe had her revived and implanted with a lethal chem implant. Not charge her for a capital crime on the spot when she didn’t commit any.

I’m sorry but I really doubt that’s the case based on your past behaviour. Especially after the recent round where you, as HoS, disobeyed the Captain’s orders and launched a one man crusade against a cooperative malf AI and then salted in OOC about it.

Because they’re still crew members and as such cannot be charged with EOTC on the spot.

Almost like this is far from your first instance of awful security conduct.


So leaving a player dead in morgue instead of attempting to borg them to be useful is somehow better to you?

It’s my job as the Head of Security to focus on security matters, regardless of how the Captain feels. I’m sorry I didn’t roleplay how you and your buddies wanted. Let’s not forget the Captain knew the AI was malf and still worked with the malfunctioning borgs to attack me (on the escape shuttle, where I was of no threat to the AI).

A trial was not possible and the contractor was already dead. Your above comment suggested leaving them in the morgue. How is borging them worse than leaving them to sit there dead in morgue in the eyes of space law? Let’s also say for the sake of your argument that they can’t be charged with EOTC, okay, cool. They grabbed my X-01 gun off the ground during the hallway scuffle and tried to use it on me. Possession of the X-01 is still a capital crime.

The sarcasm is not appreciated and you very clearly have a metagrudge. You already made your case in the report against me. Please drop it.

And just to reiterate, the contractor was not alive and then sentenced to execution by me. The contractor was brought into brig already dead after the hallway fight and then debrained for borging.

No, this isn’t a grudge, I’m just informing you that repeated bad behavior of the same kind results in extended punishments.

Suppose i should chime in here as said captain. I shoved you on accident when i got on the shuttle and think i hit you once (also on accident) and promptly killed said borgs after they killed you

Or maybe had her revived and implanted with a lethal chem implant.

I’ll post this just to clarify, under space law you can’t put a lethal mix on the implant as far as i know, maybe you could upgrade it to a strong knockdown chem than the default

‘‘Chemical implants with non-lethal contents may be used if the agent has also been convicted of a violent crime.’’

Leaving the fact that they didn’t know pacification surgery was an option, they indeed could’ve implanted them with the default mix, although i’ve always feel like force-borging the antag without ‘‘asking them’’ (LOOC or once they’re in the mmi) might be a little rude, sure the player can just refuse entering the MMI and leave it inactive but still.

While it makes sense IC-RP that you could use them as a borg enslaved to the AI to aid the station, OOC the player might not really wish for that and i always felt it’s better to ask them

Also perma/gulag is always another option.

The point is that you saw me dead, and went out of your way to spend the next 15 mins doing both med’s job and robo’s job to build a borg shell + an mmi to borg me and make sure i am permanently dead, without roleplay.
When you have the time to do all that, the excuse of “well i couldn’t really trial we didn’t have the time” doesn’t really hold up.
Hell, you literally were next to a borg shell with the mmi in hand, i’d have been forceborged and unable to come back whatsoever if i returned to my brain, without any rp whatsoever.

Compared to just leaving me in morgue and going “Listen, we don’t have the time to process them, they died, oh well, we need to take care of other things”, there’s a big difference.

This is the first time in a very long time that I have had an issue with sentencing somebody

It wasn’t an accident, you shoved me multiple times. This gave the malf borgs plenty of time to attack me. You also didn’t do or say anything about the engi-borg building RCD walls around me on the flight back before they started killing me

Perma and gulag weren’t really a good option due to no power or Warden to watch them

I did debrain and MMI you but I did not build any robo shell for you. I have 0 hours in robotics, I literally don’t know how. You could have talked to me while you were an MMI and negotiated but you chose to immediately ghost/DNR

I didn’t complain about non having Captains permission, I complained because the Captain assisted the borgs in killing me.

It’s funny too because I literally wasn’t even going to kill you once I broke into the sat. I wanted to talk one on one with the AI who posed themself as a divine being. Remember that conversation we had when I arrived? I wanted to continue it.

Everyone saying I was trying to validhunt you is fairly, but incorrectly assuming my intentions. Guilty before innocent I guess though.

Passing bystander here from shuttle that round; From what I recall the borgs had been building walls before you guys entered, or even had the portal show? and when the captain saw the borgs kill you they quickly began to take care of the Malf borgs. Also I don’t remember captain shoving you much, but my memory is absolutely horrendous.

At least, I think you guys tp’d in via portal?


I did not execute the contractor after capture (because they were already dead).
I did roleplay with other parties including the contractors assistant (although I could have done more involving medical and surgery)

I received a month long role ban (all command+sec), because I put a dead traitor contractor brain inside an MMI as the HoS. That is literally all that happened.

You still displayed a big misconception of EOTC under Space Law, as HOS, combined with repeated incidents in the past and your overall mindset as shown by OOC messages and your decision making. I don’t feel like you can play those roles up to our standards reliably as of today.

Notice how your server ban was comparatively short compared to your role ban, I think you should lay off the high responsibility roles for a bit, stay on the sidelines and observe what others do right and do wrong for a while.

Appeal denied.