J515 Mentor App

Your CKEY: J515

Your Discord: EmiliaPains#0596

How long have you been playing ss13?: About two years I have 804 hours playtime

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: If anyone wants to vouch for me sure (I dont want to ask for vouches as it puts people in uncomfortable places)

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’m pretty experienced in medical, atmospherics and SM construction, I know a bit about science I wouldn’t know how to make a toxins bomb but other than that pretty experienced.

Gib hours boy.


show tracked playtime nerd


Holy shit atmos main. I dont think i need to ask you any of my usual questions. I will hold off my vote until others have had their say since i dont have any questions ready at the moment.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing in atmos with you several times, very competent player.

easy +1

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Thats nice playtime and all but in 804 hours you got 22 bee bans of which 2 got issued this month.
0 from me

this isn’t for admin you know that right? And i don’t plan to play just ghost for the next few weeks

mentors are staff and are expected to follow the rules

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I understand this yes, The virus was pretty accidental I am unsure of how it spread since i was pretty much watching the patient like a hawk

That’s why Intend on not playing on the station for awhile and just observe keep me away from bad habits let myself cool off

The whole ‘21 bans on record’ doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me, however your hours look good.

Gonna be neutral on this one

Hours good, but that’s a mean streak if I’ve seen one.

Dubious ammount of bans 2 of which were in the past two weeks, come back when you’ve had a clean record for at least a month - 1


Bans bad.

Nobody is willing to give me a chance? Not one?

Edit: Yori did and i appreciate you

Edit 2: I went for Mentor because I want to help out and show that I aint a shitter i just fuck up quite a bit, I wanted to show the community that I want to help out and i don’t know like if i get a ban or note as mentor so be it but just give me a chance

I would give you a chance but the matter of fact is the frequency of bans makes arguing for your case at this time untenable.
You have to wait out some time for people to believe you are capable of playing without a ban.

With your hours i have little doubt you can answer questions. The concern everyone has is probably the consul that you provide to newer players with regard to the rules and there might be very little way to test that besides a look at your record which leaves less to be desired.

I suggest waiting a month or two at least before reapplication.

Should’ve fixed your behavior for an extended period, then applied for mentor. Not the other way around. Sorry.

then I’m pulling it and probably wont bother again since either way your gonna frown upon me even if I’ve been clean for awhile

@SuperDork55 please close

We can reopen on a later date