J515 Lesson 9000: Don't post rammstein lyrics in vc

Discord ID:
Admin Discord ID:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Forever and ever
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Ban Reason:
5. Sexually explicit content is prohibited.
Appeal Reason:
I misread song lyrics and forgot about some parts of it that were pretty lewd
Additional Information:
Biggest facepalm

Apologies that I am perma banned however I still want to help with development, I will try map for the server


Sorry @llol111 for the ping, but uhm could you sort this out?

Aight so uh
I’ll cut you a deal

->Shitposting is reserved for players

So ill unwarn this one, on the basis that you dont fuck up again and further stinkys will stick till your ban’s up.
Sound fair?

fair nough, don’t really have any other choice

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Try to be good.