J.I.M.M.Y.'s guide to the science outpost

So, you wanna use the fancy old science outpost? you wanna go to lavaland? wanna kill em lavaland culties with this brand spanking new shuttle? well uncle J.I.M.M.Y. has the guide for you!

this guide will be split into 3 parts

  1. preparations
  2. how to do the unfucking
  3. how to improve

the amount of work you gotta do is ENTIRELY dependent on the map, this guide will be assuming your on delta because that’s my favourite map

a crowbar

that’s literally it, all you need is a fucking crowbar for the BARE MINIMUM, tough more is recommended

the average basics:
beaker of some sorts
insulated gloves (optional if you want to take a risk/ take some minor burn damage)

the basic full preparations (recommended if you want to make a small base)

all of the above
all other tools

2. How to do the unfucking


  1. crowbar open all doors
  2. break all barricades (use the malfunctioning drill found in the second room)
  3. walk over all oil spills (doesn’t really matter as you’ll forget about em anyway)
  4. crowbar open floortiles in the main mining base hallway
  5. use one of the many electrical toolboxes’s wires to wire up the outpost to the lavaland bases main grid (if your lucky you may get some insuls)

for the average basics:

pretty much the same except use the beaker to scoop up oil and cover yourself in it and wait for ash storm just spill it back onto the floor to make it magically disappear and also use the multitool to check if the wires got electricity in em

for the basic full preparations, just use the inducer to quickly power the apc and tools to fix up the outpost to your liking

other tips and tricks to unfucking:

  1. you can JUST BEARLY tank the spider with just drill that spawns, my go to strat is hope you get a ripley spawn with a drill and just tank it, or attack it a good bit, retreat, heal up and repeat, the spider is VERY tanky and you will be surprised how much it is, or you can get a kpa and shoot it from afar, or ask some big manly miner to come kill it for you

  2. the flash in the “RD”'s room has a lot more uses than the average flash, useful if you want to give it to security or your own nefarious deeds

  3. there 2 eva suits ripe for the picking

3. How to Improve

there isn’t much to improve besides maybe the robotics and chem area, but that’s just adding machines, whats the real juicy part is the gigantic area outside just waiting to have a shuttle built in it but otherwise the area is just a semi-empty area meant to be refurbished and used a hangout or a place to build cool shit

good guide it really helped me understand how to science the outpost