Ivniinvi (Leo Szilard) Mentor Application

Your CKEY:
Your Discord:
How long have you been playing ss13?:
First connection 2021-04-22, after which I took a very quick liking to the game and have accrued 309 hours.
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Game Experience (More Detailed):


Living 283.2h
Ghost 27.0h


Station Engineer 25.2h
Scientist 22.8h
Quartermaster 17.5h
Roboticist 17.5h
Captain 17.3h
Cargo Technician 15.0h
Cyborg 13.8h
Botanist 12.3h
Atmospheric Technician 12.0h
Medical Doctor 11.5h
Geneticist 10.5h
Research Director 10.5h
Chemist 10.3h
Cook 9.5h
Head of Personnel 9.3h
Detective 5.3h
Security Officer 5.2h
Chief Engineer 4.5h
Assistant 3.8h
AI 3.7h
Brig Physician 3.7h
Virologist 3.7h
Shaft Miner 3.5h
Chief Medical Officer 3.3h
Chaplain 2.3h
Bartender 2.2h
Janitor 2.2h
Curator 1.5h
Lawyer 1.3h
Warden 1.3h
Barber 1.0h
Stage Magician 0.5h
Debtor 0.5h
Psychiatrist 0.3h
Clown 0.0h
Deputy 0.0h
Paramedic 0.0h
VIP 0.0h
Gimmick 0.0h
Head of Security 0.0h
Mime 0.0h

Some areas where I lack experience:
A few antags that I have never played as, only read the wiki pages and guides, such as Heretic, Revenant, and Blob.
I am also unrobust and have a difficult time fighting people.

I do infact vouch for him. Very fast learner, honestly thought he had more hours, he’s fit for the mentor team to me.

309 hours is enough, and a vouch from one of our most knowledgeable and longstanding mentors is a +1 from me.

I feel a few more hours could be good. But by the time this gets accepted I feel the hour distributions will about line up with what I hope to see.


Positive experiences from observing him play as well as a decent spread of hours.


Seems good to me, could use a little more hours, but then again I was accepted at 400. +1

Thank you to everyone who has responded, currently sitting at +5 (if you consider the vouch a +1)

I’m cannibalizing questions from another application because they were never answered.
You haven’t had to answer any questions in this app, so I varied them quite a bit for you.

  1. Medbay: Patient presents expired past 15 minutes with heavy organ decay but no apparent damage. Cloning via clone pod or botany is unavailable.
    How can they be revived without use of surgery?

  2. Atmos: What gas is the profitable byproduct of a co2 SM?

  3. Sci: What is the max range of a Bluespace teleport pad?

  4. Theory: In your opinion, what is the purpose of the antagonist in the overall game environment?

  5. Antag: How can a stunbaton be sabotaged to backfire?

  6. Knowledge: List individual specie weaknesses for 4 player species of your choice

  1. This one I was a bit uncertain about, I’d say Strange Reagent to revive them and then either organ healing chems or an Odysseus medbeam to fix the organ damage.
  2. Pluoxium
  3. 15 X and 15 Y with T1 manipulator, increasing by 15 with every tier up to plus or minus 60 X and 60 Y with a T4 manipulator.
  4. In my opinion, the antagonist is there to provide a sense of fear and a challenge to overcome to the crew. The sense of fear is provided by not knowing if one of your colleagues is secretly out to kill you or betray the station, and is that dude who wants to go on an adventure telling the truth, or does he just want to get me somewhere isolated? The challenge is more a security vs antagonists conflict, with security trying to prevent the antags from greentexting. Additionally, antag serves as an opportunity for people to explore what it’s like to be on the other side, and of course have fun powers/items/magic/etc. I generally prefer conversion antags as it provides more fun to all parties involved, as opposed to the round removal that is most commonly done by non-conversion antags.
  5. A stun baton can be sabotaged by injecting plasma into the power cell.
  6. Weaknesses:
    -Apids instantly pass out in smoke. I have used this one to fulfill an antag objective.
    -Oozelings and all slimeperson derivatives take significant damage from the cold (and therefore fire extinguishers)
    -Apids and Flypeople take 30x damage from flyswatters
    -IPCs are killed by EMPs (and EMPs are not subject to the bomb cap, so a bluespace beaker emp grenade covers a huge area)



Impressive :flushed:

  1. Good, understanding the game design is important.


  1. More open ended than my other questions.



assistant hours are too low


Hi Leo, have my +1 as well :slight_smile:

Accepting at +8.

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