ITT: Your favorite type of players

For example: I love paperwork hops. I love seeing people stand in line for 10 -15 minutes and how their dreams and hopes slowly go away. Complaining, shoving fights, tedious paperwork. It is lovely


Years back when i was a wee spessman there was this captain who’s name i absolutely don’t remember. I was trying to learn some stuff as a scientist and he came in, observed my work and started teaching me by mentally and physically abusing me using punches, slaps, yelling etc.

I kind of liked that, dunno.


I love receptionist assistants.
A serious medbay or brig receptionist. They take your request, put you to the chairs. Then they inform the people inside department and only after that they let you in.


On point 0 I will add a custom job slot called “Secretary”, for brig and bridge and, if you look again all the deparments have a reception.


I like bodyguard assistants

I like AI that let you into their satellites to hangout too


Borg players that are just happy to help, like Caretaker (@Rust )


I absolutely adore good mimes. They’re rare and come once in a blue moon but when they’re making a real effort you can just feel the creativity right through the text of the screen.

On the other hand, antags who are just the biggest weasels of the station are a treat to see chased by sec. Just doing some chaotic gimmick and escaping by the skin of their teeth to do it again.


People who live to help, talk and can share a mutual goal are great fun.


My favorite kind of player? I’m looking at em!


I like roleplayers

My favorite players are the ones who aren’t afraid of or angry at conflicts and go along with imperfections in their character being taken advantage of.

It’s not personal if someone has IC beef with you or hooks into your character flaws to be engaging. That’s just part of RP.


My favorite type of players are the ones who paypal me $20 give me $20 please please ple

Also any silicon I see who is actually cool. Also people who paint in game it’s so fun to just see em in the bar painting away and looking at what they’re making next.


Anyone who’s willing to put aside time to teach people about obscure mechanic no. 51, or new people about the game in general.

People who can manage to roleplay properly without having an exaggerated character with glaring quirks, flaws or views.

Anyone who actually lets people into their department without making a fuss about it or asking too many questions. Among Us culture needs to die.


Brand new players. Barely know how to get off the shuttle. It is the highlight of my day to teach them the game, especially through medbay. I love just absorbing a new player into medbay and alerting all the med mains that there’s a new person. We flock to them and help them and it’s just a lovely time. They’re always very polite and nice, and it’s wonderful to watch them grow in the game and slowly gain a personality. I’ll never get tired of teaching someone how to do the most basic of things.


What do you think of the gimmick I’ve seen to pretend you are new to the game in-character?

I liked gangstalking them as an admin, sometimes I’d make a CC announcement that they were VIP new employees to be assisted.

Soo and I like new players, but for reasons unknown they turn into rabid animals whem we parent them :upside_down_face:

I once bought a clown car only to show a newbie somethint cool and they really appreciated and had fun.As clown I like causing a good impression on new players

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I wouldn’t know if there’s a gimmick like that

Not gonna name who did it, but they were quite public about it. However, I see especially nothing wrong with doing this as an antag if you need to get something. I’ve done it to get Engineering tools, equipment and to get closer to one of my targets (not teacher).

It burns goodwill that players have for genuinely new players and, again, is strongly pushing on using OOC to gain an IC advantage.

I’m not sure how admins may rule on it though if it ever came up