Isy's Event Docs - Suggestions

Before we start you can post and copy these docs and whatever.

Not all of these are my original ideas or should be considered to be completely finished, but I made these as refences for running my own events as well as others who may want to run these events. I also link them ingame in OOC when running these events so players can easily read up on the rules and get an idea of what is going on.

If you got any ideas on improvements or new event ideas I’d be happy to hear 'em.

I support an idea of bridge being neutral ground and cap and hop being some kind of “un”. Nation leaders meetings at council chamber really add more roleplay feeling to the round.

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the ert thing seems pretty cool but what happens if the crew actually do commit a mass suicide?

also people have suggestion privlages in the ert doc

I would rather we have Zombie Invasion Lavaland Escape instead of Meteorite Storm Lavaland Escape.

Mostly because comming back to the station to fight zombies and scavenge for resources sounds like a great idea. Imagine having scavanging parties, fighting off zombies that escape on Lavaland and, finally, the last stand; arming up and fighting our way to the shuttle.

Epic idea, lavaland rebuild is mostly for engineering players, but this sounds cool too, just hard to pull off.

For example, most zombies would have to be players.

most zombies would have to be players

Ehhh… Ish?

There’s a AI controled zombie mob that you can spawn once the crew flees to lavaland. At one point, even give the current zombies the option to ghost out and return as ERT/lavaland reinforcments.

Of course the three or so patient zeros should be player controlled…