Issues with Forceborging, how do we fix it?

Continuing the discussion from TheChaser212 [I.E.D] Player Report:

This is the main issue with any forceborging.

Silicon policy adds a whole new layer of rules, including a lot of heavy nuance. Forcing this randomly onto someone is not going to end well for them and likely others.

We’d either need to simplify silicon policy, or add an OOC option to not become unborgable.

Also cults are generic antags. So as a construct you’re still bound by the main ruleset without needing to navigate an additional subset of policy.

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we had requested role bans until recently, so being force borged by a malf AI is now completely unescapable

Ideally, this should be a preference thing.

Same idea, just not needed enforcement by admins.

Antagonist goes out of their way to make you into their ally by making you into an allied cyborg
Denied because you just don’t wanna

Nah. I’ll repeat myself, big part of the game is being forced out of your comfort zone by in-round circumstances.


It’s one thing to be converted into an antag, its another thing to be put into a role where there is a whole separate set of rules that you aren’t familiar with because they apply to a job/role you never take anyways.

Then you won’t be faulted too much for being unfamiliar with said role and breaking its rules.

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How is it even that complicated? Even the most inexperienced borg will understand “do what the big computer tells you”.

I force AI:d my target as an Obsessed. lol
They had no idea how to play AI it looked like, but as Wilson said. They wouldn’t be too much at fault for being unfamiliar with the role. I’d imagine most admins look at the hours a person have on said role before they do their ruling and take into consideration of what has happened.

As I am a roboticist I feel like it is within my theme. It isn’t exactly easy to forcefully borg someone (unlike hypnoflash!!) and it also keeps the victim in the round. I’ve been forcefully borged once, didn’t know jack shite. Just did my best and followed his army of borgs. lol

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I’ll say I’m not against forced borging.

I use it as a way to assassinate people without round removing them, and would expect the same to be done onto me.

However I’m against the idea that killing/borging are separate things!

In that specific case I think the AI should only do the borging to its targets. Not everyone, if it has no murder reason to do so!


Force borging in the case of getting turned into one due to a malf AI, maybe read up on the rules/silicon policies, preferably before joining, but you can just sit in a corner and do it near the factory (it’s probably safe for the time being). Force borging in the case as a substitute to execution, there’s a couple of choices. You can ask in LOOC to not get force borged if thats not what you want, you can go cryo as a borg (probably after ahelping since you were an antag), or you can just get in a corner somewhere and read up on the silicon policy.

But the truth is, it’s not round removal. If someone kills a malf AI, they can remove the brains from the cyborgs and clone them. If a fellow traitor hears of a syndicate agent getting borged, they can disable them, scoop the brain out and clone/put them in a new body as well.

What if you transfer them via a card? Do you need to find the original shell, kill the present AI and then clone the brain?

I suppose killing the AI is an optional (albeit recommended) step when you know the AI is malfunctioning and borging people. But I don’t understand the transfer them via a card question. Do you mean Intellicards? They can only carry AI’s, not cyborgs’ minds.

I can only assume this was me and yeah I’ve played ai like twice before but i really dislike being silicon haha but it was a fun time nevertheless


In Acronads case I force AI:d 'em and then carded them to put them into the core at the satilite.

My question is. Will their brain also be transfered into that new core?

Ah, we were talking about “uncyborgification”, getting someone back from an AI is different. IIRC, there is no way to deconstruct an active AI core, and turn them back with out a polymorph staff/wabajack statue/admin intervention.
If you build an AI core with someone’s brain, and if carding that and opening it while inactive works, I’m almost certain the brain will be soulless since the soul (the client) is now attached to the card or new ai core.


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