Is this proper escalation?

because maybe you will learn something you donkey instead of making the same mistake again

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Calling an administrator a donkey doesn’t help your case.

at all.

Also you can literally just make a normal player report and whoever deals with it can remind me, there’s literally no reason to open a whole staff report on this.



Can I get this resolved one way or another? It’s getting late over here so I’ll have to go through logs again tomorrow so I can apply a ban, but I don’t think there’s anything actionable here.

Just a trialmin so I don’t know tho

Everyone should give Hangy some credit for humility here. He argued his position and whatever you think of his view, he considered everyone else’s with an open mind and gave credit where it was due.

Totally uncalled for, especially given the level of respect Hangy demonstrated in this thread.

100% a great demonstration of civility and character on Hangy’s part.

I’m actually checking to make sure the debtor was also appropriately handled after the fact now.

Edit: Swing and a miss, having trouble pulling logs from recent rounds.

Player has been noted for the incident now.

Hanged man is putting a good boy mask on, but it doesn’t mean everyone will fall for it.
The only reason it was staff report is because it was handled in game already.
He called it lapse of judgement but he couldn’t be bothered to even check the situation properly and he just assumed what I did.

Even after he finally learned how escalation works as staff and that stealing PDA is self antag he still sees this report as useless
( Why he was called a donkey)

Edit; it’s not like I hoped for action against hanged man, I just wanted him to know basic escalation rules which I hope he knows now so we can close it

I literally looked at logs and found evidence of you attacking first, escalation was improper but me not having carbon-perfect memory is not worthy of a report.

The report is still useless because making a mistake on a ticket is not actionable.

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