Is this proper escalation?

In-game misconduct:

Title: Brother_Hangyul 


Offender’s CKEY:Brother_Hangyul 

LRP or MRP server:mrp

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):11/19/2020

Round Number:24155
Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken: Either he doesnt know proper escalation or i dont 

Incident Description: So i start as assistant go into maints then debtor grabs flashlight i dropped for a second, i ask him to return, he instead blocks my way and demands my id, i shove him to get my flashlight back.
In response he gets me into heavy crit with a few punches since its debtor and steals my pda, drags my body to medbay where i died since its monkey round.
I ahelped it and hangul marked it as proper ic escalation

Additional Information: Basically its news for me that i can just beat shit out of people to the point of heavy crit then steal their id on mrp for shoving me

Debtors deserve death in general

This is self antag on it’s own. Are you sure he wasn’t an antag?

You shoved them first and they acted in self-defence. I have literally no idea on how they gained psychotic brawling but it was completely fair escalation to punch back; their intent was not to kill and they did take you to medbay but unfortunately it was a monkey round WHICH I DID NOT SET.

Also @Archanial

Didn’t steal PDA until the guy entered crit, and iirc he did put it somewhere near his body.

i dont know about that since i was dead for the rest of the round and i dindt have the id on me from what i seen got any logs of him giving it back ?

[quote=“Hangy, post:4, topic:9202”]
You shoved them first and they acted in self-defence.
[/quote] so if i get shoved i can easily no problem punch the fuckers into crit then, then just throw them barely alive into medbay since its fair escalation.
hangy i will paint station red thanks.

How is he meant to give you the ID when you’re dead?

Also, escalation does mean that if somebody shoves you first, you are allowed to punch back. You punching him back does allow him to crit you with clear intent not to kill.

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put it back into id slot since he stole it perhaps

Now the big questiond did i punch him ?

Putting someone in crit over anything less than attempted murder shouldn’t be considered “proper escalation,” especially on MRP.


I’m gonna have to disagree here. You can use reasonable self defence and critting and them looting someone is not reasonable.
The escalation policy says you can respond to non-harmful shoves with unarmed harmful actions such as punching, kicking or using stuns. I am pretty sure he can just stun and run away.
It doesn’t change the fact he stole his ID afterwards. Why would he do that? This is straight up self antag and probably validhunting.

Also thing is i was running away that dude has stun punch and i dont know over 20 brute per punch, he followed me and kept punching until i was drowning in my own blood on floor

I had a very similar situation with a debtor before. I pushed them a couple times and they chased me into the halls and tried to kill me, then later ended up deep frying my brain and eating it as non-antag.

Probably the same person.

I can see your antag point but not the validhunting part.

He did not have any stuns, did use his fists. I’m still not sure how the hell he got psychotic brawling but he did what he could to defend himself.

Might’ve been a bit lenient with the PDA stealing but due to the hectic nature of monkey I was a little busy.

Also either way I don’t think making a mistake in a ticket is grounds for an admin report, more a player report against the original wrong-doer.

yeah i dont think i punched that guy, how do you even punch back someone who knocks you down stuns and deals so much brute with each fist

He can stun with his martial art.

He blocked his way and demanded the ID. Then proceeded to kill him after shove.

idk how you are not seeing obvious grief here

Aight that’s fair, made a mistake.

Still unsure why you need a staff report for this, you could literally just make a player report and request a different admin cough cough ruko does lots of player reports now.

if you dont know proper escalation and you are an admin i believe it needs to be brought to attention
thats why i made report to get you here and another admin to clear this out

Admins are humans, we have lapses in judgement and/or memory here and there. I believed it to be fair escalation, but seems like my mental copy of the escalation policy seems to be incorrect.

see thats why reports are good

I fail to see how this makes a report good.