Is rd allowed to have hand tele

so i play research director a lot and i like to have the hand teleporter because its useful but i always get arrested by shitcurity saying that i wasn’t allowed to have it and get labeled as rather traitor or suspicious
in my opinion i think RD should be allowed to have it because he starts with access to tele room
fuck sec

RD is a head of staff with access to the teleporter room right? If theres roundstart access I would ahelp cause security is out of line and metagaming, technically using OOC knowledge to label you a traitor

Me when he probably meant lrp

Even then, it’s not REALLY breaking any rules but its pushing the line

Oh, are you the guy I flashed as an assistant because you took hand tele?

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Flashing someone to steal something off their person is OOC theft and punishable as per the council ruling. You’re aware of this, right?

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I didnt steal that. I saw the fag take hand tele so I flashed him and searched him for traitor items. Stay mad

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Hand tele is RD’s item just like the reactive teleport armor is. Also like the CE being allowed to have the blueprints or CMO having the hypospray. I’m also pretty sure none of these people can roll objectives to steal something they have roundstart access too.

If sec is pulling this shit they’re valid because the only legitimate reason why someone would arrest the RD to take their hand tele is that they have it as an objective and are only pretending to be sec.

Hand tele isn’t technically his item, but he has access to it, and heads are known to take the hand tele for their own use. It’s a hand teleporter, that’s the whole point of it. Arresting a head for an item that they have access to (as far as i know, all heads can access tele room) is really invalid.

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