Is J515(Me) a good player

I am making this post today to see if people have any grievances against me, if I’ve done anything rule breaking towards you that hasn’t been resolved or has whichever, as I haven’t seen any player reports about me, If so I please tell me and I will try to improve if there’s enough grievances against me then I may leave for the greater good of the server

Thank you

I reckon you should start a thread on player feedback topic so you can get continuous feedback.

You sound kinda sad, please feel better soon, I’ve seen you IC a few times but can’t really recall ever having any grievances with you.

Im just more thinking about the future of the station I’ve been playing very poorly over the last few days

every time I see you I hug you but you still hate me

We built an autistic incinerator that exploded once, non cringe felinid.

You are a great person to play with. I don’t think I ever have had anything against you as a player.

You are also a very good brig phys.

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