Is it possible to get banned on forum?

Like if i started posting nsfw stuffz, or made a bot that spams shit?

Why the hell do you want to delete your account so badly. Just leave it and ignore it

post doesnt state nothing about me wanting to delete my account, thats metagaming

dude stop metagaming you are breaking my immersion

Dude i think we need to permaban you for powergaming and metagaming

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people like him first become mentors, later admins, no wonder this community is toxic and ass right now, RULE BREAKER!!!

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Theoretically yes, you can.

honestly not worth the effort, your account n shit stays
Easier to just email crossed


Lol that’s the site description you dingus I didnt put that there


20 characters.

i know that you didnt put that there you dingus

Black is a racist word to say now?

What if I say it like People Black is that still racist?

U Furry

dafuq are you talking about you tit

damn you deleted it?

Yes. Weirdly someone cares

yeah i care, because thats my post, your postin on my turf

my account got suspended, it says that was automatic response or something, basically bot banned me or something

Abra cadabra what is this shit. Almost everyone here is perma banned or forum banned

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