Iplayforss13 Mentor application

Your CKEY: Iplayforss13

Your Discord: !LOOKGUYS#8613

How long have you been playing ss13?: 2020-12-25

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Nobody,

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Tracked playtime 3

Apparently no one wants to take the first step. So I guess I will with a +1.

Your Science and Med hours look impressive.

Judging by hours alone, I Recommend putting more hours into non-essential crew and atmos. Just for that extra knowledge. People ask some pretty obscure questions sometimes.

Im taking up more atmos now, 15 at the time of writing, I don’t really play non-essential crew simply because there’s nothing to do once you master it, I haven’t mastered or even understood atmos, so thats why im playing it a a lot of it, I also learnt, im going to beat Ihategeese’s world record!

Two recent interactions with staff are making me lean towards a -1, I’d be open to other Admins/Moderators chiming in though before processing the application.

We would like some input here please. Two weeks and very little posted. I have no positive or negative interactions so I’m at

Total : 0

Am I seriously the only mentor who had 5 minutes in the last two weeks?

Mentors, please get this ball rolling.

-1 as there isn’t a whole lot of substance to the app, and recent interactions with them. I don’t trust that they’d be a good mentor.

Mentors have responsibility for keeping to the rules and not accumulating a mass of notes, you had two notes in the same day only like a day or two ago.

Well… hours look good, recent behaviour in forums replies looks good too, haven’t got to study them ingame tough. +1.

Score is at a 0 vote.

Going ahead and denying the application, you can apply in the future.