Intcern Player Report (Connor Wolff)

In-game report:

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

Offender’s CKEY: Intcern

Offender’s In-Game Name: Connor Wolff

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-17-2023

Round Number: 43635

Rules Broken: 2 9

Incident Description:


Additional Information:
He was a meddoc.
With observing them, I could not find a positive moodlet tantamount with being an antag, nor a mental issue associated with brainwashing/obsession.

He also aquired a reinforced bola and an emag that was found near the bartender’s room, which they then used to open the booze storage locker. Also emagged their way into the captain’s room.

Their loadout by the end of the round:

Also no antag status on roundend.


Informed the player in question about the report.

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thats me, i was going to go to detective and actually hand in the emag, but keep the rest. But im not really in sync with most of the maps so i couldnt find the shuttle. I was going to act like a captain for the shits and giggles.
I thought that was a normal bola, yeah i make those syringes and rapid syringe gun because i can at the medical autolathe, but now that you mention it bluespace syringes ARE overkill.

I’d say that falls under this

Yet you went into the captains office instead and emagged your way in, which you knew the location of, but not evac.

You also said something like: “Yes, its real” when you found the emag, which then brings out the question of why would a meddoc know what a traitor item is, but whatever

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didnt know that regular crew doesnt know what traitor items are, sorry.
When i exited the captain’s room there was still a minute left, or so i thought, i thought it said ‘‘ETD’’.

Yeah well, nothing more much to say about this from my part.

Right so
looks like there were about ~16 people for majority of the round
the person being reported is

Intcern \ Connor Wolff \ Medical Doctor \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

who joins 50 minutes after the round had started

OOC: Intcern/(Connor Wolff) (LOOC) “penis” (Chapel (92, 140, 2))

They do some medbay stuff, become an android through a chaplain ritual and then… aquire a bunch of bluespace syringes with chloral hydrate

Then some stuff happens, he gets inside cap’s room gets all that gear and goes around emagging stuff
@Kaan_BM I’d like to as you, what was your in-character motivation for doing all of this?

the round was about to end so i thought it’d be funny to pose as captain and bring forth the emag. Thats that. I really can’t say anything about the chloral hydrate.

oh that looc penis thing was uh, someone said something that i dont remember and didnt understand at the time so as to uno reverse them i said something completely out of context back at them in LOOC

Huh, well, final question then, are you here to roleplay?

I mean yeah. But I will pay extra attention to rules now that i think about my previous games.

Well, seeing how you just came off a week ban for powergaming, I’m afraid I’ll have to apply a two week ban since it’s for the same rule being broken.

Report accepted.