Inky4567 banned by Crossedfall

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

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so im not entirely sure what i did but my guess was during pre round in ooc i felt a little jokesy after someone made a paragraph of racist remarks so i just made a joke ‘im gonna say it!’ ‘NIG-’ normally i thought people would take it as a joke and no one really cared so i just said that once and no ahelp no warning nothing its mid round im having fun with vodka and a barrel and i just get a ban message sure i get some may take offense to the joke but the way this was carried out seems a little harsh as it was just one small message not even the full word and i didnt inted for it to be the full word regardless i do think i shoul have atleast gotten ahelped or warned but no a straight ban and permanent
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if i did miss anything please do tell i havent written one of these in a long time

Well, it’s not a very funny joke now is it.

Well, clearly that’s not true otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

I’m going to be completely upfront and honest with you-- I didn’t even check to see if you were in round because I honestly didn’t really care. I don’t appreciate the “joke” and have a zero-tolerance for racism. It’s about as simple as that. You self-admitted that you fully understand that this “joke” is offensive in nature yet you still opted to carry on with it anyways. Actions have consequences.


ok i understand and i wont ever do it again but a permanent one is a bit harsh considering i never meant for it to really harm anyone

also i assumed no one cared since no one really said anything about it one person did say ‘not funny’ but i just assumed they acknowledged it and didnt find it funny so i stopped

I mean; like crossfalled said. Joke or not, there is 0 tolerance for racism either way no matter the context.

I’ve let this cook for a bit an I’ve mostly decided against your appeal. It’s clear to me that you don’t really understand why what you did was wrong, which suggests a lack of maturity and self awareness that goes against the kind of community we’re looking to foster here.

Since you have a lot of hours here and this seems like your first incident of this nature, I’ll make an exception to our usual perma policy. If you can get a vouch of good behavior after 6-months, I’ll let you appeal again early. That should be plenty of time to reflect back on this and improve.