Inconsistent Moderation

Recently I was permabanned from clown for “making people uncomfortable” because I named myself “I’m stored in the balls” and said “I’m Pee” over comms. I was given two reasons for this- The reference to balls might make people uncomfortable, because it might be interpreted as a reference to sperm, and that the reference to pee might make people uncomfortable. Yet there are already half a dozen references to these things, and far worse, all over the server, all over the community, all the time, for years at this point. Back when we went 18+ we were told we wouldn’t be banned for making dirty jokes. We couldn’t actively try to make people uncomfortable, but making dirty jokes would no longer be bannable. Somehow the moderation has actually gotten more strict in this regard, in that even the word semen is considered too explicit. So why would I possibly think making references to balls and pee was allowed? Let’s take a look at what’s actually in the game.

-The Posters:

The Lusty Xenomorph- literal pinup poster and reference to the lusty argonian maid from the elder scrolls. “But it’s a joke.” Yes, that’s my point. Sex jokes exist in game. And this one is iconic enough you probably think of it if you think of the in-game posters at all.


Lizard- Another pinup. I always assumed it was just a pro-lizard propaganda poster, but no, it’s supposed to be porn.


Busty Backdoor Xeno Babes 6- Directly references sperm and sex, poster is of a big boobed xenomorph in lingerie and another xenomorph in a maid costume, and it’s a porn advertisement.

“But someone made a femboy moth pinup and got a warning for it and the art removed!”

Yes, because that was just a scan of actual femboy moth porn someone made to be porn. The joke was just “here’s badly downscaled pornography”, and nothing else. There’s a difference between saying “Pee is stored in the balls” and posting pornography.

-More sexual references
The Lusty Xenomorph maid exists as a simplemob (think xenobio slimes), and can spawn from gold slimes as a hostile spawn (that doesn’t do damage). It is explicitly referred to as lusty by the game code, which in fact makes it a dirty joke reference. Bonus points to whoever coded it to ‘polish’ things when it cleans, not relevant to my rant I just think it’s a good reference.

The Maid Cafe- Reference to the maid cafes all across japan where young women dress in skimpy maid outfits.

The Several crossdressing and lingerie options-
No sexual references or dirty jokes here. Obviously, the self-described “kinky” underwears and the fact you can crossdress fall under “sexual” and “might make people uncomfortable”, but they’ve been here for years and are going nowhere.

The Maid outfit- See above. It’s 2024 irl, the only reason to wear a lacey maid costume is to be attractive for sex. Cleaning ladies (and men) wear pants, not dresses, so they can be mobile and bend over as needed without getting filthy while they clean. In SS13, it’s some 200+ years in the future, nobody has worn a petticoat for hundreds of years, it’s objectively just a reference to, again, the argonian maid thing from morrowind.

If I can go felinid, wear a maid outfit, black lacey lingerie, and spam “N-n-nya innit” over comms as clown, why can’t I dress in all yellow and say “I’m pee”?

“Well you made people think about urine and balls, that might make someone uncomfortable”

The most common food/drink in game is beer. Multiple alcohol vendors on every station, cases of beer in the bar and in maints, the maint bar itself, and of course, the infamous beer nuke. When you drink something it tells you what you taste, so you can imagine tasting it IRL. For milk it’s “you taste milk”, for creme de menthe it’s something like “you taste minty freshness”, etc. What’s the taste for beer in-game? “Piss Water”. “You taste piss water”. Referring to pee as clown is too much, when the game makes you think about drinking it?

“Well balls are sexual, you can’t refer to sexual things”

Consider that the discord server has even tighter rules on sexuality, then consider the guy named “boobs archmage” who has over 1,800 logs of him saying the word “boobs”.

Also consider all the “boobyx modesta” jokes, and the art of a clown staring at her rack, and this link of 3 seperate admins talking about said art.

image (1)

Why can we say “boobs” but not “balls”? Truly the dilemma of our generation. Seriously how is this any different? Why was I banned? This still makes me mad.

“You made a clown where you made edible piss and shit and threw it at people”


Yeah that one went too far. Sorry. I got noted for it, which is fine by me.

The inconsistent moderation doesn’t stop there though.

I was also banned for being named Chuck Finger. The headmods discussed and and they say

Meanwhile, here is a list of accepted names and unacceptable names:

Chuck Finger- Unacceptable, “it’s really borderline”
Flebe Tyrolian- Perfectly fine
Using “Major” as a first name for your character who only plays security- “Fine because people have it irl, I looked it up”. (The guy who created batman, Bill Finger, doesn’t count for Chuck Finger, though).

Reference names are bad too, except when they aren’t. Naming yourself after an obscure character from a blade runner game from the 90s? No way man. Naming yourself “Cato Yung” after Cato the Younger, stoic philosopher of the Roman Republic and opponent of Caesar? Totally fine, “nobody has heard of it”.

And it’s pretty well obvious that lizardmen are a direct 1:1 translation of the argonians from the elder scrolls series, to the point that every first or last hyphenated name exists in the code for making a random character. When I decided I liked the name “Okaw” after freeing background NPC in morrowind’s first dungeon, I asked if I could use it, and got significant backlash-- until I code dived and found it in the random name generator. Absolutely nobody has even referred to the conflict since.

Beestation also has a rape joke.


The poster that says “NO ERP” also says that the R stands for “Rape”. There are posters everywhere saying “Do not Rape”. I am by no means saying that this is acceptable. Far from it, I think it should be changed as soon as possible, and probably will be changed soon after I post this. I point this out to say that there is a rape joke in game, and I was removed first.

“The Admins can’t, and don’t know everything”

Which is why i’m making this thread. You’ll notice this isn’t a ban appeal, and isn’t formatted like one, because as it stands I would expect any appeal made to be denied. If this receives positive moderator attention I will post an appeal, but until that happens, I won’t. I want bee to pick stance that isn’t so restrictive, because we were promised otherwise, and because what is and isn’t allowed right now is just too inconsistent. Rant over.


probably because you have a LONG history of pushing the lines… God knows what wreck of a note history you have but your ban history was repeated grossout humor or just annoying people for the sake of it, nothing new, ban states as much that it was based on pattern…
probably would have been the same if you just named yourself piss clown…


I can feel it… the sound of thousands of words rumbling closer… prepare yourselves!


Cross-dressing isn’t inherently sexual though? And I’d argue maid dresses aren’t either. At their base it is just clothing my guy. Some people think the maid dresses are cute. Some have characters that wear jumpskirts regardless of gender.


they are. Just undeniably they are


It’s more so society has forced our perception into sexualizing a dress that really isn’t that meaningful, I mean it’s just a dress that women who worked cleaning for upperclass ppl wore, I personally can’t understand the sex appeal.

this is like saying striped thigh highs aren’t sexual. This is also like saying boobcut tank tops aren’t sexual.

50 years of porn mean it’s sexual now, sorry


confirmed maggot has 50 years of porn experience


Stripped thigh highs are not sexual tf you on about. And crossdressing isn’t sexual. Drag has an inherent sense of sexuality to it but just plain ol’ crossdressing is ordinary af


I see we are here complaining about such content. Well I would like to submit to the pile.

“Created and uploaded art to the in game library depicting a two piece swimsuit top and cleavage. While not necessarily explicit, it’s close enough that it doesn’t belong here. Do not upload similar art in the future please.”

Now, going into this. I created this more so as a parody picture, along the lines of a pseudo GTA like picture. This picture was not explicit, and was made with the means of parody in a game where you can see naked boobs on women sprites. I am still commented that people miss this picture in the station gallery. It was lighthearted in nature while made with a level of quality that I expect from most station art. I almost expect an accurate statue of David picture to be ban worthy if I tried hard enough to be authentic.


(You make me fucking jealous with that art skill by the way lmao, my art is shit quality)


riddle me this

i don’t have anything constructive to add, i was just reminded of this kinda funny clip


riddle me this beestation administration team, why can’t I pretend to be Sigmund Freud but I can draw a photo of a naked woman with crayons?


That’s my problem, just because you have “shit quality” art, doesn’t change the content in it.

As for your own art skill, I always advocating having fun and practicing. Very rarely is it a job.

Also, back on my soapbox about crossdressing, Transvestic fetishism is a paraphilia. Getting sexual gratification from crossdressing or watching those that cross dress is essentially a psychological issue. Crossdressing itself can be used to express oneself, for fun, etc. It. is not. Inherently. sexual. Being a woman putting on a tux or a man putting on a dress is not erotic.

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A subtle reference to rape in a poster which 90% of the people actively playing or simply passing by will never see, is not the same as screaming it out over common.

And while there is a ton of inconsistancies with the game itself and what players are allowed to do. The game is open source. I think you will not find a lot of resistance in changing this.

Personally, I enjoy the explict jokes and what not in moderation and not too directed at any specific person. But allas, this is not always appreciated and therefore I’m sticking to the safe side and avoid that.

Tight clothes like leggings or thigh highs are sexual because they compress the fat and accentuate the shape of the legs.

You can’t act like because you don’t experience it, it doesn’t exist, that it doesn’t happen. There are certainly people who crossdress to feel at home in themselves. At least equal, if not more, are the people who cross dress because men are attracted to revealing clothes. I’m not indulging in this discussion more because it will only make you angry. If you want to discuss it more, feel free to DM me but your strongly held personal beliefs on this are not shared by the majority of people, even if they’re shared by the people in your circles.

I think there are some reasonable points made here, that will unfortunately go unaddressed solely because of who made the post.


Nice. turn something you did into an attack on a group of people, fucking classy…

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Hi. I added these in 2016. Get over yourself, and stop using them as an excuse to be a shitty person.