In which Fraud tells you about botany

Hello. I’m Fraud and I like botany. Today I’ll tell you about cool things.

As a prefix, here’s how your chemicals work. This is important for understanding the logic of some of the things below.
Saltpetre - buffs potency, up to 100. 100u of saltpetre buffs production speed by 1 too. Make sure to apply it at once. (Actually buffs speed in lesser amounts too but 100u makes an immediately visible effect and you have a 100u beaker and saltpetre in the minor dispenser)
Diethylamine - 50u buffs yield by 1, up to 10. Make sure it’s in one dose just like the 100u of saltpetre. 100u will buff it by 2, before you ask, yeah.
Unstable Mutagen - 1u randomizes plant stats. 5u has a chance to mutate a plant.

Part 1 - The Chem Dispenser:

What: Botany has been blessed with the minor botanical dispenser. Sadly, until you get a femto manipulator, the minor dispenser isn’t a major asset and merely saves your time, because you cannot make diethylamine in it. A regular dispenser can make dieth on round start however. Until the minor dispenser gets changed to start with dieth, it is imperative that you get your hands on a regular one. You can still use the minor one for saltpetre and mutagen before the upgrade, instead of bothering with those recipes, though.

Goal: Get a chem dispenser board, two (or three) high capacity (or better) power cells, two matter bins, a capacitor and a manipulator. Get full tools including cable(self-explanatory, from tool room, vendor, or autolathe) You can get the chem board from tech storage or get it researched and printed (both detailed below). You can also get some parts from tech storage but it’s not necessary due to autolathe’s existence. Insuls not necessary either but useful to avoid shocks.

-If there are many engineers or borgs, just ask one to open tech storage for you. Usually the easiest way to get in. If there is an AI, you can ask it for the door too which is the fastest way.

-If there’s a HoP, you can rush the line and ask for tech storage access. you can also ask for RnD access but that isn’t always given. It’s slower than just asking AI but still speedy.

-If there’s low security and you fear waiting too much, you can break into tech storage with a welder/wrench or with screwdriver/multitool/crowbar. Pretty fast, but actual tiders can beat your speed and might take the board.

-If tech storage is looted, go to RnD and ask them to get the chem dispenser research. It’s one of the basic ones and is cheap. Then, go to medbay and ask for a chem board from their lathe. You can do one or both of these steps yourself if you hack or break in, in case of people not giving a fuck or low pop.

Part 2 - Early game botany setup:

Goal: Okay, so you’ve gotten the chem dispenser parts and presumably made the dispenser. Now you’ll be setting up your most-important plants.

-Get these from botany: beaker - set to 100u transfer, bucket - set to 5u transfer, cultivator, bottle of robust harvest, plant and seed bag, plant analyzer, one plant data disk.

-Set up the dieth recipe on the chem dispenser - 30 units hydrogen, 10 units nitrogen, 30 units ethanol. (makes 60u, only 10 excess. use it with your beaker)

-Get some seeds and extract perennial growth from them. I do apples.

-Hack your botany machines. If you get shocked, just wait 30 seconds, give or take, then finish the job.

-Plant the following: Ambrosia Vulgaris, White-Beet and Glowshroom.

-Using your trusty bucket set to 5u, get unstable mutagen from the minor dispenser and use it to get ambrosia Deus, then Ambrosia Gaia, Red-Beet and hopefully a Glowcap. the Glowshroom can also turn into a Shadowshroom, in which case get another Glowshroom and plant it and grow it normally for more mycelium for more attempts later. the guide will assume you got a Glowcap though.

-Dump saltpetre (100u) and dieth (>50u) into the ambrosia Gaia until it is maxed out with speed 1 and yield 10. do the same for red-beet. You can leave the Glowcap though. Apply Robust Harvest to all plants once, then monitor the Gaia for weed since it’s very vulnerable.

-Side note. If you run out of chem power, go to RnD or engineering and ask for an inducer. Also unwrench a cell charger and pull it into botany, or ask for a charger board and a capacitor and make one. These are all low value items that you will be given easily. As usual, in case of low pop or fucklords, do it yourself. Also, this is why you got a spare cell earlier.

-Okay, so you harvested the Gaia. If you maxed and applied harvest, the Gaia should be enough to make three trays golden (just literally use the Gaia produce on the tray, four times per if maxed), and should still have one branch left for you. Get the Gaia seed/s from that branch, put Perennial Growth on it/them and remove the non-Earthsblood production, only leaving it. Re-plant the Gaia (or Gaias) into a golden tray and use it to upgrade all trays eventually. Whenever you upgrade a tray, put Robust Harvest on it. (Golden trays remove need for water, de-weeding and the last fertilizer used is permanent, so make sure they are Robust Harvest-ed)

-For Red-Beet, first use a disk to snag Densified Chemicals from it. Then, get Watermelon/Pumpkin seeds and get 20% Nutriment Production from them. Make that the only thing the Red-beet produces and put Perennial Growth on it. Your Red-Beet is now Biogenerator fuel. Plant in four trays, give or take one. Don’t trust the Melon boys, you can fit more of small plants into the Biogen, resulting in more biomass. You can also use another small plant like Wheat or Grass for this but the Beet should already be maxed, and the growth time is negligible.

-For the Glowcap, it will take a long while for it to grow, but just snag Electrical Activity from it. you can also get the Teslium Production on another disk but that’s for messing with people and not encouraged normally. Once ready, snag Capacitive Cell Production (a trait, mind you) from Potatoes. Put both it and Electrical Activity on any maxed seeds you have. If you do, you can then use cables on that plant’s produce, and if the plant is maxed out with both traits, you’ll be making Bluespace-Tier Batteries this way. If you make this plant, drag a tray with a copy of it to the Roboticist and tell them that their soul now belongs to you. Also, use the batteries to upgrade your Dispensers, giving you a massive power capacity boost, perhaps before RnD got their batteries! (which are lathed uncharged, mind you!)

With that, early-game botany is done.

Part 3 - Mid game botany:
Goal: So you have the essentials done and it’s time to bring on the power creep. You’ll be setting up strange seed generation and making cool unique plants now.

-Head to RnD and check if they have good parts. Tier 4 or Tier 3 will do. Get them to research Botanical Engineering, then get a Bin and a Manipulator and upgrade your Biogenerator with them. The Biogenerator now becomes worth using for Strange Seeds, as it is horribly inefficient without the upgrade. You can also upgrade your Dispensers and Cell Charger at this point but that’s up to you. Again, if there’s no one there or they ignore you, just break in and do it yourself, peacefully.

-Chuck all your biomass plants into the Biogenerator, use it to make Strange Seeds. With Botanical Engineering research done, you can now make disks in the service Protolathe, so go do that and make at least 30.

-Use the random Traits and Chems from Strange Seeds to help the station. Unrelated to this guide, learn what traits do and have the chemicals/recipes page open so you know what you’re getting. Some of my favorites include Regenerative Jelly, Strange Reagent, Colorful Reagent, Pax/Synthpax and Synthflesh. Remember that you can drag trays to departments that benefit from them, also you can make new trays by printing a board.

***Unique Plants: ***
-Combustible Lemon - gotten by mutating Lemon. They’re shitty grenades. Use Liquid Contents + Separated Chemicals to make grenade plants instead. Avoid this.
-Meatwheat - gotten by mutating Wheat. Makes meat if used in hand. Give it to the chef.
-Egg-Plant, same as above, but makes Eggs. Guess what you mutate to get it. Same use.
-Omega Weed - gotten by mutating Cannabis. Huge chemical storage capacity. Use for advanced, chunky mixing.
-Bamboo - mutate Sugarcane - use hatchet on the logs to get materials for traps and blowguns. Disgustingly annoying if used to grief.
-Tower Caps - regular plant. You get logs from it. Use hatchet on logs to make planks. Use planks to construct things. Cargo often has a bounty for the logs.
-Holymelon - mutate Melons. Defends against dark magics while you have it. Rush this super early, before Gaia even, if there’s a cult, and spread across entire station. Modify so that it only makes holy water, thus making it a full anti-cult plant that doesn’t fatten. (You can also make a Holy Grenade plant with Separated Chemicals, Liquid Contents, this, and Potassium from Bananas. A rare case in which a destructive plant can be used for good!)
-Glowshroom - regular plant - you can plant it (mostly) anywhere. It gives off light and spreads, but people tend to dislike it.
-Durathread - mutate Cotton - use produce on a loom (make a loom with wood) and you get material to make tough clothes out of.
-Carpet and Fairy Grass - mutate Grass - use to get carpet or grass tiles.
-Killer Tomato - mutate Tomato - activate to make a dangerous mob. Yields meat when slain this way though, so could be useful for a non tater as a meat source for chef.
-Replica Pod - regular plant - Inject blood into the SEEDS and the person will revive as a Podperson if they’re dead when you harvest the plant. If they’re soulless or otherwise alive/playing something else now, you will just get seeds back. Can be used to save headless people or as a preemptive measure.
-Walking Mushroom - mutate Plump Helmets - Spawns “harmless” mobs if used that reproduce quickly if more than one is present.

We now reach endgame botany.
You have no goals now. You instead have this checklist. The more you check off, the better a botanist you’ve been.

-Upgraded all botany machines to top tier. Bonus for slime cores in dispensers.
-Delivered a pure gold producing plant to cargo. (get gold production from golden apples)
-Delivered advanced healing plants to medbay. (godblood, synthflesh, regenerative jelly, strange reagent - all available from strange seeds)
-Delivered pax/synthpax grenade plants to security. (again, strange seeds)
-Made whatever the chef asked you to.
-Delivered maxed out battery plants to the roboticist.
-Collaborated with xenobiology to make something cool, like gatfruit.
-Collaborated with miners to make lavaland fungus, tobacco, etc.
-Made announcements that you can pod people if they’re delivered. (and did so)
-Gave the clown colorful reagent and space lube plants.
-Gotten bluespace activity + liquid contents plant for peaceful self-defense.
-Gotten a smoke machine (board at tech storage or print it), filled with helpful chems from juiced plants. Optional: hauled to shuttle at round end for a safe trip home. (try pax/synthpax for this too)
-Made harmless weed for the heads.
-Had a good time.

Other things botany can do that aren’t that important:
-Produce leather, wood, durathread and cloth and thus have access to anything these materials can make.
-Make actual joints and smoke plants. Stylish but ultimately not that effective.
-Make barrels and ferment certain plants. Laugh at the barkeep.
-Grief very easily with low effort. :confused:

Antagonist Botany Tierlist:
Here you’ll find my personal ratings for things that kick the station’s ass in botany, going from best to worst.

-Fattening chemicals +Mint Toxin - the forbidden technique. No one sees it coming.
-Advanced Mutation Toxin - eventually turns a person into a slime. Probably won’t be noticed, especially if other chemicals were present in a plant or food with this. Effective in a smoke machine, effective with Gaseous Decompostion too. Amazing way to secure your targets without even killing them.
-Bluespace Activity - Very little use during the round, but a one-hit guaranteed kill (or stranding, anyway) on the escape shuttle. Just throw a Liquid Contents plant with this at someone and watch them get spaced. Bonus points for Blazaam or dust which teleport people randomly and can be found in plants too, but these are chems. Though this means you can use a smoke machine with them.
-Punji Sticks - somewhat stealthy trap made with bamboo, which can completely fuck up someone’s day. Can claim ignorance unless seen planting it.
-Deadly Chemicals (darts, syringe, liquid contents plant) - If you had enough time, one hit is all you need, but the death is often slow and obvious.
-Chem Grenade Plants - Good for breaching or making chaos, i guess.
-Gatfruit - Due to how you get this, stealth is out of the question unless your BB is in xenobio, but pretty effective!
-Actual Lemon Nades - garbage, can still breach though.
-Killer Tomatoes - can kill someone caught off-guard, but honestly it’s hard to see these as a serious threat unless you spawn fucking hundreds of them. Also very obvious.
-Kudzu - Do not. It was intentionally left out of the guide. This plant isn’t fun for anyone.

Thanks for reading. Did I miss anything?


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