Ignis Amans | Floris AD | Lucrum Factoris | Halo MD Player feedback (Wrill's new characters)

I can’t edit my old feedback thread anymore, so I made a new one.

Most of these characters have some written backstory and extra details that I don’t want to share, I would much rather understand how they come across in-game above all else.

Floris AD


A foreign botanist who can’t read or speak common, be it messages on their PDA or writing on paper. I know full well they’re not going to be liked by everyone, being a foreigner, but I hope I can use the language barrier to give more interaction to the AI, curator and any other crew capable of translating, aswell as exploring ways to communicate besides the standard ones.

When playing this character I will generally disable my PDA messaging and pretend I can’t read things written on paper, since I see those as really cheesy and unfun ways to bypass a language barrier.

Seeing as they’re still a fairly recently made character I would very much like to improve them as much as possible before I get too used to playing them in a specific way.

Ignis Amans


A fairly religious engineer/atmos moth who has an unhealthy fascination with fire, going so far as to worship it. If he’s the one who set up the SM, it’s not uncommon to see it surrounded with candles afterwards, as a way to please the divine flame and protect the SM.

Ignis is my oldest character as of writing this, he’s a few months old and I’ve scrapped all the characters that were around when I made him by now.

Lucrum Factoris


Short height, short tempered cargo moth who enjoys working with large amounts of money after their poor upbringing. They’re a lot more likely to stand their ground or fight back than my other characters, but that doesn’t mean they’re any good at it, they can barely take a hit too (See: Frail Quirk). They used to enjoy smoking, but that got them addicted and they just can’t stop any more.

Made just as recently as Floris, and I’ve had a few bad rounds as them that I’m not particularly proud of. Hoping to use this feedback thread to avoid that in future and have them be fun to interact with.

Halo MD


Fairly peaceful ethereal doctor, takes an interest in bodymodding and augmentation, even having one of his own (prosthetic limb). He’s more likely to try resolving a situation peacefully. They care about their coworkers too, often giving them gifts or trying to improve their shift, and for the same reason he’s quick to report any issues to command staff to get them resolved.


throws my pirate hat

That was pretty smart and I have no intention of refusing to speak like a pirate. But I won’t wear a pirate hat unless someone else gives it to me.

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I will now buy the 75 credit pirate hat just so you can talk to me in pirate (the 75 credit hat is part of my mime’s outfit)

RPing not being able to read text is very based. I always thought it was kind of lame. I havent seen you much but when I did you were good at the job


3 week bump and a lot more people have interacted with these characters, especially ignis, who I’ve been playing the most.

So long, Space Cowboy…


WHAT!??! NO?!?!

This can’t be real!!!

I can’t fucking believe it, duuude… Wrill will unironically be missed from the server. He was both great to play with and beneficial to the RP environnement, giving great advices when needed. Huge loss for Bee, goodbye man


So long dude, you will be remembered

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There goes another good player for the server. You’ll be missed in medical

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god damn. Im sad. This is sad. You were cool

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love to see him aroudn no matter the char ;3 ( i also love to observe him)
i will also miss them

Closing uppon OPs request

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