Ick-ock warn appeal

Discord ID: AgentCitrus#7985

Admin Discord ID: Ivniinvi#1422

Ban Type: 1 point warn

Ban Length: Indefinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/15/2021

Ban Reason: no ick ock

Appeal Reason: I’m not entirely sure how the incident was ick-ock. In game, I had been KO’d with a sleepy pen, then had a prison cube used on me. Then the guy destroyed one of the prison cube pieces with a fire extinguisher, removing me from the round. I thought this was stupid, so I went onto the Discord and asked why you can destroy prison cubes with common items (i.e. fire extinguishers), and why they could be destroyed at all. I did not insinuate this had happened to me, and I made no mention of the current round, my status in it, etc. It was a comment on game mechanics, and not distribution of in-round information to the Discord.

Additional Information: I probably should have waited until the round ended to make the comment anyway, but I was very salty at the time. Nonetheless, my point still stands.


Good, you’ve learned.

Appeal Accepted