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As deputy. Looted a pirate and kept Esword + gun on them. Reason being “It’s safer to store contraband here”. No attempts were made to work with the captain to store it, nor other solutions discussed.
Appeal Reason:
This is, quite frankly, the most befuddling note I have ever recieved.

But first, what happened: So, I am a deputy facing off against pirates, because funny nosec round. I’m able to kill and bring in one pirate, and get their corpse to the bridge. I then have to figure out how to process it. I can’t get into evidence with my access, nor do I have any tools to enter regardless. I open my PDA, but there is unfortunately no AI. I consider calling for help, but the only two people with access on the station were both very occupied with managing the pirates, and from previous interactions with the captain I know that they’d probably just ignore me anyway. Given this, I figure the closest thing to putting it in the evidence locker is keeping it safely on my person. (I scramble a bit given the time restraint, so just take the two biggest threats in the esabre and the full lasgun, and leave two empty lasguns and some hopefully less dangerous stuff in the syndie duffel bag.) I then move to the evac shuttle, and have my attention fully focused on protecting the shuttle from piracy. (I wait in the medbay, so I can get good sight of the entire side of the shuttle.) Then, the shuttle took off without issue, and I get bwoinked and (AS ONE OF THE TWO DEPUTIES ON THE SHUTTLE) adminbuss pacified right as a highjacking attempt begins. (Very classy)

In general this noting seems to be predicated on a rather baseless character assumption, that I had any intention of using the equipment. (The plan was, like I stated, to hardstun with a body throw and then capitalise on that with either dropped weapons or the trusty 12 guage) I am very well aware contraband goes in the locker, but when that simply isn’t feasible, you have to make do with the next best thing. (Stupid attempts to break into evidence would have been highly out of character)

Considering the fact that there is, again, 0 evidence of any intention to use the equipment, noting for powergaming is incomprehensible.


What is it you’re contesting regarding this note? From what I can gather the information provided within the note is accurate.

Also, I think it’s quite important to note that you stripped them of their equipment inside of the brig. I’m really not seeing how it was more reasonable to pocket their gear instead of just tucking it away somewhere quiet in the brig or just straight up leaving it on their body. It’s not like the equipment was going to be laying there for a while; the shuttle was only a few minutes away at that point.

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You stripped a pirate of their gear in the brig, kept some of it but not everything on you.
to note: the stuff you took was what you could use so…
Add to that: Zero logs showing any attempt to deal with the contraband properly.
The note seems accurate to what happened .
Three different admins explained to you now that you shouldn’t have done this, I’ll leave this open for a bit in case I’m missing something.

The brig was seperated from space by a single rwindow. It seemed better to do something about the contraband rather than nothing.

(I’m challenging the idea that the events described are even remotely noteworthy)

The stuff I took was the stuff anyone could use to pose a danger to the crew. Zero logs doesn’t mean shit when your logging doesn’t (yet) encompass mind reading. You never had any evidence of intent to use the given contraband, so are you really leaving a note over the possibility of powergaming, with only an assumption of guilt as evidence?

I did the most reasonable thing given the situation. Your logging does not encompass my checking for an AI, or considering if any of the two people who have access would be able to open the door.

Holy guacamole.
The ticket, then the salt-mines then this.
Again, for the I don’t know how many time.
Contraband belongs in contraband, not in your bag.
If I had anything, ANYTHING showing you attempted to work to store the contraband properly and couldn’t, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
What I had to work with was a deputy with two pirate weapons, a shotgun, meds, and full sec gear silently hunting pirates.

Also, while we’re talking about logs. I realize upon double checking I should have ticketed you about field executing a critted pirate, shoving the det around to steal his shotgun and overall acting like a silent pirate hunter, but hey, you got away with it.

Your argument about the brig being unsecure could hold some value, if you didn’t leave the BULLDOG behind. The most dangerous weapon in the pirate arsenal…that was out of ammo :thinking: .

At this point, yes. I have doubts about powergaming and contraband usage. DOUBTS. Are they reflected in the note?
This note is about facts backed by logs. That you, as a deputy looted a pirate and kept the gear for “storage”. You shouldn’t do that. END OF THE STORY.

They are. Three admins agree on that.
I’m denying this.

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