I want to die easy

Write the stories of weird, awful, or unknown times death have come for you.

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I was a plasmeme joined late shift, everyone’s lying down and sleepy gas is in air, being a plasmeme I’m immune to it and 99% of viruses
Drag survivors I come across to med
And head to engie
Drop dead, mfw zesk I was viro and made it effect every race
Death virus that had no warning

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thats zamso

zesks viruses dont usually get to me, somehow
probably because i have internals on 24/7 or just dont leave science
when they do i cure them like 25% of the time, 25% of the time the virus kills me, and 50% of the time i realize im sick but i die to something else

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i was ling once, after good murderbone at sec, im going down the hallway, suddenly i drop dead, without no warning, good i revived

One time I posted nsfw on the discord then my discord died