I sense something

i sense a great disturbance in the force

bee station is in pain

terrible pain

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“headmins piss off the playerbase twice in a day”

so basically, first pr to remove felinids was pushed but it got voted no and there was a civil war

and now they’ve banned offensive language
and they skipped council
we need you windowserrors, you’re our only hope

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i sense a great pain in the force, as if thousands of people cried out the n word, and were all silenced at once

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I cant say ni77ger now im sad

tbh I couldn’t care less about haha funi n-word

but being mad about skipping council is valid

apparently they did it because discord’s TOS or something

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bruh faggot banned too

bruh what has discord to do with it its fukin spess men game and discord is something totally different

bruh im sad and

bee is dying


let me guess, you people all thought i was bullshitting you, huh?

bee is kill any server recommendations



The emergency shuttle has docked with the station. You have 3 minutes to board the emergency shuttle.

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Time to hide in a locker on the shuttle.