I messed up and was found ban evading cause I was stupid

Please set the category to either Game Ban Appeals or Discord Ban Appeals to load the correct template. Failing to do so may result in your appeal being denied.

I wound up trying to play the game after getting banned on another account and realize now how stupid that decision was, I feel bad and more so stupid that I ruined a great server for myself just because I was young and dumb. I only wish to ask for forgiveness and an overlooking of my past transgressions.

Please follow the ban appeal format so we know how to properly process it.

Format here if you need it

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]


Admin’s CKEY:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):

Round ID:

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:

Additional Information:

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Never fixed their format.